For the location referred to by the same name, see Age of the Gods (continent).

A view of Earth in during the Age of the Gods

The Age of the Gods is an era in the history of the world of Baten Kaitos prior to the uplifting of continents into the Sky. The era came to an end approximately 1000 years before the Second Defeat of Malpercio. During this time humans, beyond the residents of Duhr, still inhabited the Earth and most did not yet possess Wings of the Heart. By the end of this era several groups had developed highly powerful Magic including the Ancient Wizards of Duhr, the Witches of Wazn, as well as the Dark Brethren. The era culminated with the War of The Gods in which a resistance group of skilled magicians, Malpercio, became the pawns of the Dark Brethren in a war against the conquering Wiseman and his goal of Pro-magnation. This conflict was settled by the Ancient Wizards and their Godcraft, but not before poisoning the Earth beyond habitability, prompting the Wizards and Witches to devise a plan for humanity's survival in the Sky.
Age of the Gods Earth

The continent on which the War of the Gods took place.