Ancient Library of Magic - Bookshelves

One of the library's many abandoned rooms in Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

The Ancient Library of Magic is a place located in Anuenue. It serves as a sort of dungeon in Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.


Ancient Library of Magic

Powerful seals, as well as monsters ward invaders from the Ancient Library of Magic

A sprawling building that houses many old tomes, some long forgotten. The library is no longer used, and as such has become inhabited by monsters of the undead variety. Strong seals protect the various rooms from invaders.

Role in BKOEdit

Here Sagi can relieve a man of chronic stress and he gets so light he flies. Return later for an item. Besides this, it serves no other purpose in the game and the various halls are blocked off preventing Sagi from exploring more of the deserted building

Role in BKEWEdit

Ancient Library of Magic - Librarian's Room

The librarian's room, where the party fights Folon

The library is teeming with demons and enemies. It is the site of the battle with Folon and the first place Kalas and company meet Savyna who saves them. Enemies found here are Skeleton Warriors, Cursed Grimoire and Cursed Spell Books.

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