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Feisty Indeed

Anna is an NPC who appears in Baten Kaitos Origins and Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Early LifeEdit

Anna Young-portrait

Anna from BKO

Anna was the child of the bar owners in Nashira of Diadem. There she was friends with Gibari and Reblys. Even at a young age she thought the muscular but brutish Gibari was a dream come true. This, of course, was known by all, even Palolo II. Reblys however had a crush on her. Growing up she spent her days working in the family tavern and hanging out with the boys. She eventually grew into quite the tom boy and adventurer in her own right. At the age of ten she even met Sagi, Milly and Guillo on their adventures.


Anna Old-portrait
She shared many of the superstitious beliefs of her people and grew to admire Gibari as they became adults. She had a brief encounter with Kalas and Xelha on their own adventures to save the world and even journeyed to the greater celestial river to get some sea weed to cure a young boy. All the while she drew concern from Reblys and Gibari, one she still refused and the other still oblivious to her longing.
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