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Name Ayme
Gender Female
Battlestyle/Job Class Right hand aid to Giacomo
Hometown Azha
Age Early 20s
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Pink
Voice Actor English-Amy Colyer
Weapon/Element Machina Weaponry, End Magnus

Considered to be one of the cruelest minds within the Imperial Army, Ayme is driven by a lust for blood and vengeance against Georg, who experimented on her and her cohort, Folon, at a young age at the behest of Emperor Geldoblame. Now employed in the empire and under Giacomo's direct watch, Ayme sees Giacomo as an adoptive father and follows his orders faithfully, though has no qualms over fulfilling her own needs to inflict torture and mutilation as part of her own agenda of vengeance at the same time. The more direct and cruel individual between her and Folon, there is little that can be done to prevent Ayme from passing up an opportunity to obtain her revenge on those she feels have wronged her, Folon, or Giacomo.


Early Life[]

Little is known of her early history, but it is known that she is a native to the village of Azha in Alfard. In addition to this information, it is also known that Emperor Geldoblame gave her to Georg along with Folon when they were very small and orphaned so he could perform experiments on them in the name of his research.

The experiments were both painful and cruel and she grew to hate her tormentor Georg. The experiments however gave her enhanced abilities and when she was placed under Giacomo along with Folon she would excel in the army and grow close to her mentor.

Army Life[]

“Such a pity, really. Consider yourselves lucky”

She soon became a high-ranking officer in Alfard's army, under Giacomo's direct command. She was cold and ruthless and loved to toy with and torture her opponents before killing them. She along with Giacomo was responsible for the murder of Kalas' grandfather Georg and by extension his brother Fee.


Crazy Rabbit!!

She would meet Kalas again years later and engage him in battle by herself and with Folon and Giacomo, each time losing. She also almost killed King Ladekahn but failed due to her toying with him and Kalas' timely arrival.

When Giacomo is finally killed at his behest she and Folon help Kalas and his friends and are instrumental in the final battle against Malpercio.

Eternal Wings Boss
Type Human
Appearance Battleship Goldoba
Drops Hermit's Creel (automatic, shared drop with Giacomo and Folon)
Rarebird Statue (automatic, shared drop with Giacomo and Folon)
Experience 10000
Picture Ayme (magnus)
In Battle
HP 2400
AGL 150
Attack 6 card combo
Physical 126, Dark 13, Wind 53
Special Moves Crazy Rabbit
7 card combo
Physical 144, Dark 85, Wind 53

Chaotic Ice
7 card combo
Physical 140, Water 57, Dark 13, Wind 53

Defense Physical 13, Water 9, Dark 13, Wind 9
(0-2 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire +30%
Water -30%
Light +30%
Dark -30%
Chrono +50%
Wind -50%
Status Resistance
All 100

Boss Battle[]

Fight 1[]