Azha, the mining village, is a town located the middle of Nihal Desert in Alfard. Although Azha is part of the Alfard continent, it is not considered as part of the empire, as people from Mintaka treat them as inferior people. This village is famous for its mining activities, which include the extraction of Flame Ice and other minerals, including the finest Iron Ores. The Azhani people have a hard life, nevertheless, Azha is a lively and active place (that is until Operation Sweep happens)

Origins[edit | edit source]


In Baten Kaitos Origins, Azha is visited by Sagi, Guillo and Milly pretty early in the game. In this place they meet a young Almarde and a Malideiter named Bein. Sagi is sent by Quaestor Verus to investigate about the Mourning Mistral, an Azhani criminal who supposedly was the one who caused a bombing in Greater Mintaka. He also meets Lyuvann, who was sent to investigate. After discovering that the Mourning Mistral is Bein, he goes out of control and runs to the Lava Caves and is fought by Sagi in the form of an Umbra. After these events, the player can make some quests about Lyuvann and Almarde´s romance.

Eternal Wings[edit | edit source]


In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, the group visits Azha after the events in the Goldoba. The town is almost abandoned because most of its inhabitants were killed in Operation Sweep. Here, Kalas goes to the Lava Caves in search of the last End Magnus.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Almarde (in BKO)




Shop[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Blue Beans Blue Beans (Origins).png 200 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins).png 200 Red Beans Red Beans (Origins).png 200
Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins).png 200 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins).png 200 Flame Mail Flame Mail (Origins).png 250
Fire Element Fire Element (Origins).png 300 Ice Element Ice Element (Origins).png 300 Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins).png 300
Flame Sword Flame Sword (Origins).png 350 Heat Club Heat Club (Origins).png 350 Adhesive Bandages Adhesive Bandages (Origins).png 450
Battle Shield Battle Shield (Origins).png 500 Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight (Origins).png 1000 Aqua Truth Aqua Truth (Origins).png 1200
Middle Potion Middle Potion (Origins).png 1200 Scale Mail Scale Mail (Origins).png 1500

Coupon[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Battle Shield Battle Shield (Origins).png 1 Chain Mail Chain Mail (Origins).png 1 Crystal Edge Crystal Edge (Origins).png 1
Lightning Club Lightning Club (Origins).png 1 Mars Sophia Mars Sophia (Origins).png 1 Ray of Truth Ray of Truth (Origins).png 1
Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight (Origins).png 1 Rose Shill Rose Shill (Origins).png 1 Scale Mail Scale Mail (Origins).png 1
Skull Mask Skull Mask (Origins).png 1 Sorcery Sophia Sorcery Sophia (Origins).png 1 Adhesive Bandages Adhesive Bandages (Origins).png 2
Aqua Truth Aqua Truth (Origins).png 2 Black Beans Black Beans (Origins).png 2 Blue Beans Blue Beans (Origins).png 2
Breath Jacket Breath Jacket (Origins).png 2 Crystal Cudgel Crystal Cudgel (Origins).png 2 Fate's Cordial Fate's Cordial (Origins).png 2
Flametongue Flametongue (Origins).png 2 Freesword Freesword (Origins).png 2 Green Beans Green Beans (Origins).png 2
Hell-Purged Casque Hell-Purged Casque (Origins).png 2 Mattress Mattress (Origins).png 2 Middle Potion Middle Potion (Origins).png 2
Nixie Garb Nixie Garb (Origins).png 2 Purple Beans Purple Beans (Origins).png 2 Red Beans Red Beans (Origins).png 2
Toxic Dumpling Toxic Dumpling (Origins).png 2 Yellow Beans Yellow Beans (Origins).png 2 Emerald Thrush Emerald Thrush (Origins).png 3
Fire Fruit Fire Fruit (Origins).png 3 Fire-Brewed Tea Fire-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Flame Hood Flame Hood (Origins).png 3
Heavenfall Heavenfall (Origins).png 3 Hermit's Cane Hermit's Cane (Origins).png 3 Ice Fruit Ice Fruit (Origins).png 3
Ice-Brewed Tea Ice-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Icebloom Icebloom (Origins).png 3 Icefan Icefan (Origins).png 3
Levinsnake's Rise Levinsnake's Rise (Origins).png 3 Sevenstar Dust Sevenstar Dust (Origins).png 3

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Azha is derived from the star Eta Eridani, a star in the constellation Eridanus (the river). This star has the traditional name "Azha", which means "the hatching place" or "the breeding place" in arabic.
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