Screenshots of Balancoire, as it appears in BKEW

Description[edit | edit source]

Balancoire, the borough of illusion, is the capital city of the Duchy of Mira. Duke Calbren´s mansion is located here. Balancoire is the only "normal" city in Mira (compared to Parnasse and Reverence), with no strange looking buildings or citizens. This city is covered by a thin mist and its walls and buildings are adorned with colorful patterns made of stone. It also has a sewer which is connected to the Duke´s Manor and Coccolith, the labyrinth of mirrors.

Role in BKO[edit | edit source]

Although Balancoire can't be visited in the game, it is shown at the end that Sagi and Milly move to Duke Calbren's mansion, where they marry and live for the rest of their lives.

Role in BKEW[edit | edit source]

Exterior of the Duke's Manor seen from the outskirts of Balancoire

Prior to the events in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Balancoire is the hometown of Kalas, Fee and Georg. Georg runs away from Alfard to Mira with his two creations hoping that Emperor Geldoblame doesn't find them there, but he does and sends Giacomo and Ayme to kill them. This triggers everything that happens in the game.

In the quest of finding the five End Magnus, Balancoire is the last town visited in Mira by the group. After discovering that their only End Magnus was missing (Kalas gave it to Melodia in Parnasse), they go to Mira´s capital hoping that Duke Calbren knows something about the End Magnus. In Balancoire, they meet an old lady who tells them an old legend. Then, they go to Calbren´s mansion. The Duke thanks them for saving his granddaughter and then meet Mizuti, who is looking for the End Magnus too. Suddenly, Giacomo breaks in and goes to get the End Magnus. Mizuti joins the party and the six heroes go to Coccolith, where the Bo End Magnus should be.

Also in Balancoire, Kalas goes to a restaurant which is owned by Trill´s parents. Trill´s father asks Kalas to train one of his employees who has a shyness problem.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Duke Calbren


Kalas (prior to the events in Eternal Wings)

Fee (same as Kalas)

Georg (same as Kalas)

Sagi (after BKO)

Milly (after BKO)

Trill´s parents

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