The purpose of this article is to list and detail active or series-devoted fansites, communities and resources on the internet. The sites listed will be in order of apparent Baten Kaitos related activity. If you are a member of or participate in any of these communities, we encourage you to let other members know about the Baten Kaitos Wiki (; be sure, however, to respect each site's policy on advertising and off-site promotion.



Freedom of Flight

  • Featuring the translated Baten Kaitos manga, art, and more

The Baten Kaitos Fansite

  • Featuring art, game information, and more

BatenKaitos4Life on YouTube

  • YouTube Channel of the above "Baten Kaitos Fansite"


Le coin de Baten Kaitos

  • Featuring extensive resources for Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

  • Featuring extensive resources for Origins

Japanese LanguageEdit

Baten Kaitos 10th Anthology

  • Baten 10th
    The Baten Kaitos 10th Anthology is a Wiki-like project being undertaken by Japanese fans of Baten Kaitos in honor of the series 10th anniversary in Japan this December. Keep an eye on the site throughout the year!



GameFAQs Baten Kaitos Message Boards

  • GameFAQs is a video game walkthrough and discussion site. Because of its wide range of gaming traffic, its message boards devoted to the Baten Kaitos games (and the cancelled DS installment) are consistently very active.

Baten Kaitos Forum

  • The Baten Kaitos Forum is an InvisionFree message board devoted the Baten Kaitos series. The community has an extensive amount of older discussions and is fairly active.

guardianspirits on LiveJournal

  • guardianspirits is a discussion group on LiveJournal devoted to the Baten Kaitos series. The administrator of the group is also translating the first novel adaption of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. The group has some activity.

Baten Kaitos Series Fan Page on Facebook

  • This is the fan page of the Baten Kaitos series on Facebook. The page has over 1000 fans, and some activity.

Baten Kaitos Fans Forum

  • The Baten Kaitos Fans Forum is a Create Forum message board devoted to the Baten Kaitos series. The community has been active in the page past and features a host of older discussions, but is currently inactive.

Freedom of Flight Forums

  • The Freedom of Flight Forums is the message board for the Freedom of Flight fansite. The forum was created relatively recently and has not yet experienced activity.


Baten Kaitos Wings of the Heart Forum

  • The Wings of the Heart Forum is an up and coming Baten Kaitos forum under construction for French speakers.


Let's Play Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (Eltaire's Let's Play)

Developers' Personal Sites:Edit



  • @honnesan isYasuyuki Honne's Twitter handle.


Sakuraba Motion

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