Eternal Wings Enemy
Type Malpercian Creature
Appearance Imperial Fortress
Drops Dragonfly
Spark Hat
Phoenix Helm
Shortcake (Small)
Experience 2145
Picture Beberum (magnus)
In Battle
HP 860
AGL 116
Attack 3 card combo
Physical 140, Fire 25, Dark 73
(NOTE: 2nd hit can cause Headache)
Special Moves Soldier Kick
6 card combo
Physical 292, Fire 25, Dark 216

Tablet of Doom
1 card combo
(may cause Death)

Defense Physical 20, Fire 13, Dark 33
(0-2 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire -20%
Water +20%
Light +80%
Dark -80%
Status Resistance
Paralysis 50

Beberum is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

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