The Malideiter[edit | edit source]

Bein portrait.png

As a child, Bein was one of many children who were taken by Emperor Olgan, Verus and Baelheit to become test subjects for their quest to make a man-made Spiriter. Along with Celsica, Sagi and others, he was infused with the remains of Malpercio known as the Malpercio's Afterlings. After the experiments were deemed unsuccessful, all the test subjects were released. He made his way to the village of Azha where he was taken in and made at home. He grew into a man there and became very patriotic.

Terrorism[edit | edit source]

Under the guise of the Mourning Mistral he started to bomb the Empire in key places as a form of protest for the way the people of Azha were treated. This lead to the bombing of the elections between Baelheit and Verus. He fled back to Azha but the empire followed. After befriending Sagi who was there as chief investigator he was discovered and fled to the Lava Caves where he succumbed to his raw emotions and transformed into an Umbra. After battling Sagi, Milly, and Guillo, he was killed by Valara in her Machina Arma: Razer.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Because of his actions the Empire clamped down on Azha, making their lives even more miserable than they were before, under guard 24/7. His actions also led to Almarde and Lyuvann meeting, thus leading to Lyude’s birth. Some of the people of Azha saw him as an inspiration, leading them to eventually rebel almost 20 years later. This later rebellion led to Emperor Geldoblame sending the Mad Wolf Unit to kill all the insurgents and quell the uprising. In the end, his actions had the reverse effect on his village as his legacy only caused them more pain. Twenty years later, Azha is even more poverty stricken, desolate and sparsely populated.

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