Blaze (Origins).png
Origins Magnus
Category Quest
Gathering # 460
Element Physical.png - Physical
Found Examine (Any fireplace)
Sale Price Can't Sell
Ages From None
Ages Into Flame (30min)
Effect Slight raise in party freezing resistance.
Blocks Pac-Man No
Quest Use Pac-Man
Mix Use ?
Upgrade Use ?

Blaze is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Description[edit | edit source]

The trapped magna essence of a raging blaze. As time goes by, the flame's vigor may begin to dwindle. Slightly raises allies' resistance to freezing.

Origins Magnus
#459 Fireglow Stone #460 Blaze #461 Flame
Fireglow Stone (Origins).png
Blaze (Origins).png
Flame (Origins).png
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