A Cameo is the minor inclusion of elements of one game or subject in another. These are often a recognition of a game's influence and are usually from sources important to a game's developers (such as another game the same team worked on). The Baten Kaitos series includes various cameos from other games, as well as having been one.

Cameos in Eternal WingsEdit

Monolith Soft and tri-CrescendoEdit




  • The Tekken Magnus is a refference to the Tekken series, another series owned by Namco.

The Legend of MomotaroEdit

The Tower of DruagaEdit

  • Detourne the Mystical Garden contains a maze that is a level from the game The Tower of Druaga. The items needed to cross this section and the Slimes fought withing are all items acquired and enemies fought in the original game. Several Magnus also contain references to the game, such as the Golden Helm.
  • In Japan those who pre-ordered got a port of Tower of Druaga for GameCube. It was designed to celebrate 20th anniversary of the Famicon system..

Wonder MomoEdit


Cameos in OriginsEdit

Baten Kaitos Etternal Wings and Lost Ocean Edit

  • The description of the Power Helmet Magnus talks about grains of Rice inside of it. A refference of how the Power Helmet was used for cooking in the first game.

Donkey KongEdit

  • Guillo asks "What are you, some giant monkey who's made of with a pretty wench?" after Gibari throws a barrel at a guard. This is a reference to the arcade game Donkey Kong, a well known product from the game's publisher, Nintendo.

The Grapes of WrathEdit


Monolith Soft and tri-CrescendoEdit

  • Sometimes Sagi will receive a letter about a job offer at the companies, to which he will reply that he already has a job at the company, referencing both the developers and obscurely the job offers from Eternal Wings.


Baten Kaitos Cameos in Other MediaEdit

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

  • Baten Kaitos Origins, having been published by Nintendo, was mentioned in the Chronicle in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Edit

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edit

  • Sagi and Milly appear as Spirits in the game.