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Cebalrai (農村ケバルライ, Nouson Kebarurai), the farming hamlet, is a small village in Sadal Suud. Cebalrai is famous for its mountain apples, mountain apple wine, pow milk and pow meat.

Origins[edit | edit source]

In Baten Kaitos Origins, Sagi, Milly and Guillo go to Cebalrai for the first time following Lord Rodolfo, after seeing that he was not in Pherkad. There, they found him talking with Heughes about "promachinating" the village and Sadal Suud, a proposition that Rodolfo accpets at first (for a considerable amount of money), but later regrets and refuses.

Cebalrai in BKEW

Eternal Wings[edit | edit source]

In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Cebalrai is the place where the game is started. At the very beginning of the game, Meemai finds Kalas unconcious in Moonguile Forest and takes him to Doctor Larikush in Cebalrai. This is also the place where Kalas and Xelha meet for the first time.

Residents[edit | edit source]



Mayor of Cebalrai

Surayj (after showing her the Family Tree, she moves to Pherkad)



Shop[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins).png 200 Purple Beans Purple Beans (Origins).png 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins).png 200
Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins).png 200 Dark Element Dark Element (Origins).png 300 Fire Element Fire Element (Origins).png 300
Ice Element Ice Element (Origins).png 300 Light Element Light Element (Origins).png 300 Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins).png 300
Herb Herb (Origins).png 400 Mattress Mattress (Origins).png 400 Helm of Indra Helm of Indra (Origins).png 1000
Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Thunderhead Cloak Thunderhead Cloak (Origins).png 1000
Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Grappler's Gi Grappler's Gi (Origins).png 1300 Bandages Bandages (Origins).png 1800
Classic Cudgel Classic Cudgel (Origins).png 1800 Sword of Tears Sword of Tears (Origins).png 1800 Indiglow Cowl Indiglow Cowl (Origins).png 2000

Coupon[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Battle Suit Battle Suit (Origins).png 1 Classic Cudgel Classic Cudgel (Origins).png 1 Glacial Bludgeon Glacial Bludgeon (Origins).png 1
Hell-Purged Casque Hell-Purged Casque (Origins).png 1 Helm of Indra Helm of Indra (Origins).png 1 Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight (Origins).png 1
Sword of Tears Sword of Tears (Origins).png 1 Thunderhead Cloak Thunderhead Cloak (Origins).png 1 Tower Shield Tower Shield (Origins).png 1
Bandages Bandages (Origins).png 2 Canyon Wind Canyon Wind (Origins).png 2 Drakeshead Stave Drakeshead Stave (Origins).png 2
Frozen Suit Frozen Suit (Origins).png 2 Herb Powder Herb Powder (Origins).png 2 High Potion High Potion (Origins).png 2
Luciferous Stave Luciferous Stave (Origins).png 2 Nurse's Cap Nurse's Cap (Origins).png 2 Pegasus Jump Pegasus Jump (Origins).png 2
Thunder Hat Thunder Hat (Origins).png 2 Alarm Clock Alarm Clock (Origins).png 3 Apostolos Apostolos (Origins).png 3
Aqua Hood Aqua Hood (Origins).png 3 Ascension Ascension (Origins).png 3 Brawn Fruit Brawn Fruit (Origins).png 3
Brawn-Brewed Tea Brawn-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Diamond Drop Diamond Drop (Origins).png 3 Fire Fruit Fire Fruit (Origins).png 3
Fire-Brewed Tea Fire-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Ghostarrow Ghostarrow (Origins).png 3 Ice Fruit Ice Fruit (Origins).png 3
Ice-Brewed Tea Ice-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Indiglow Cowl Indiglow Cowl (Origins).png 3 Lightning-Brewed Tea Lightning-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3
Mephistopheles Cloak Mephistopheles Cloak (Origins).png 3 Murderous Joker Murderous Joker (Origins).png 3 Sister's Habit Sister's Habit (Origins).png 3
White Night Beans White Night Beans (Origins).png 3 Empyreal Wildfire Empyreal Wildfire (Origins).png 4 Glimmer Glimmer (Origins).png 4
Rime Blade Rime Blade (Origins).png 4
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