The Celestial Tree, from in Baten Kaitos Origins

History[edit | edit source]

The Celestial Tree is an ancient tree, older than anyone can remember, located in Anuenue. It is the biggest tree in the world and also a conscious being. It houses the End Magnus of Anuenue and its flowers bloom once every 30 years. Every part of the tree has medicinal and magical abilities.

Role in BKO[edit | edit source]

Celestial Tree base Yulfee.png

Sagi and his companions go to the Celestial Tree looking for its fell branches, which are needed to repare the Sfida. However, they discover that the Machina Vanguard has arrived to the island and is planning to promachinate the continent, starting from the tree. The heroes go to the Veinroots only throughout the adventure.

Role in BKEW[edit | edit source]

The core of the tree in which the End Magnus is located

The heroes go to the Celestial Tree looking for the Che End Magnus. They get to a small cave in the top, where they fight one of the Guardians, specifically the Tree Guardian, and get the End Magnus (this is the only End Magnus that is not stolen by the Empire, although Kalas later gives it to Melodia in Parnasse). Right after the fight with the Guardian, Lyude accuses Savyna of being a spy from the Empire, a thing she doesn't deny which leads to the Savyna Boss Battle. After fighting with her, she says that she isn't a spy, and the fight was only for testing their power. Enemies found here are Blood Leaf and Devil Claws.

Celestial Tree Magna Mix Recipe[edit | edit source]

After collecting the Celestial Tree Magna Mix Recipe research pages, the recipe is as follows:

Celestial Fell Branch - (Location: Celestial Tree)

Celestial Flower - (Find the Celestial Flower Seed on the bedside shelf in Queen Corellia's Room in Komo Mai. Magna Mix it to create a Celestial Flower Bud: Celestial Flower Seed + Freezing Rain [Location: Naos] + Fresh Air [Location: One of the balconies in Queen Corellia's palace] = Clestial Flower Bud. You will then need to mix the celestial Flower Bud with the following: Mother Sunshine [Location: Nihal Desert. Come into the north side of the desert and go straight down. Don't follow the rock path. Keep going straight down until Sagi says something about the sun being hotter off the beaten path. You can then draw the Mother Sunshine.] + Celestial Flower Bud + Fresh Air + Fresh Air = Celestial Flower.)

Dark Dagroot - (Location: Celestial Tree)

Lightning Dagroot - (Location: Celestial Tree)

Ice Dagroot - (Location: Celestial Tree)

Fire Dagroot - (Location: Celestial Tree)

Holy Dagroot - (Location: Celestial Tree)

Rainbow - (Location: Opu Village. Follow the path through Opu until you reach the lower part of the waterfall. Stand to the right of the little girl and draw the Rainbow that is there.)

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