Cloud passages from BKO

The Cloud Passage is location on Diadem and acts as a dungeon to the player in both games. In Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, monsters found here are Albireo and Striper.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The passage is a path made of elevated pink clouds that links Nashira and Sheliak. The passage is located in lower Diadem above the Lesser Celestial River. The area is inhabited by various monsters. When the Lesser Celestial River floods, safe passage between Nashira and Sheliak is impossible.

History[edit | edit source]

The Cloud Passage is where Sagi and company first meet a young King Ladekahn and Gibari. It is also the site of their second fight with Giacomo. Twenty years later, Kalas and company pass through here to get to Sheliak and must fight off an Iron Beetle I left by Alfard's occupation of Diadem.

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