Coccolith, the labyrinth of mirrors, is a place located in Balancoire, capital of Mira, specifically in the basement of Duke Calbren's Manor. It is the resting place of the Bo End Magnus and it was built by Calbren's ancestors for keeping the End Magnus safe.

Role in BKO[edit | edit source]

Coccolith is neither visited, nor even mentioned in this game.

Role in BKEW[edit | edit source]

Kalas and his friends visit Duke Calbren in search of clues about the whereabouts of the End Magnus of Mira. Calbren tells them that the End Magnus is in a labyrinth right below the Manor. But in that moment, Giacomo, who was listening, breaks in and goes to the labyrinth. The heroes follow him, hoping to get the shining Magnus before him. In this moment, Mizuti joins the team.

As most of the places in Mira, Coccolith is rather an unique place. It consists of four chambers:

First Chamber[edit | edit source]

In the first chamber, the camera looks like a broken mirror and each "piece" of the camera shows a different place of the chamber (see the image above), making the progress quite challenging.

Second Chamber[edit | edit source]

In the second chamber, the camera is normal, but the floor is a giant mirror. For getting into the next chamber, the player must make Kalas and his reflection "meet" in the same place.

Third Chamber[edit | edit source]

The third chamber is almost the same as the first one.

Fourth Chamber[edit | edit source]

This is the place where the Bo End Magnus is. Here, the party meets Giacomo, who frees the guardian Phantasm. After making the heroes defeat Phantasm for him, he attempts to steal the Magnus, but it lets off a huge amount of energy. Mizuti then absorbs the energy and makes Kalas fuse the End Magnus with the Shadow Magnus they got in Detourne. After stopping the "rampage" of the End Magnus, Giacomo steals it and runs away. Inmediatly after that, Ayme appears from the ceiling and steals Xelha's pendant, the Earth Sphere. After all these events, Mizuti faints. Back in the Manor, the heroes decide to go to Alfard.

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