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The Fairy Guide[]

Queen Corellia is the beautiful and apparently ageless Queen of the Rainbow

Corellia's full character art

Nation, Anuenue. Her palace is in Komo Mai. She is a lover of peace and one of the few remaining pacifists in the world. She is very formal and business like when addressing Sagi and company, perhaps even a bit critical and pompous. She ignores his warnings until too late but is thankful for his help in driving out the empire. She becomes friends with Sagi and Milly over the course of the adventure. It is this friendship which softens her demeanor to outsiders. She wishes them the best and meets them in Alfard as they set off to Mira for their honeymoon.

A New Threat[]


In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean she is friendlier to Kalas and and the group — especially after learning he is a Spiriter. She provides aid in the battle against Malpercio and shares in the celebrations once the Ocean and Earth are restored.


She apparently relies on the Celestial Tree for her ageless beauty and immortality, as is revealed through the numerous optional dialogues in Baten Kaitos Origins. In the same game the player can find dried husks that resemble the queen inside the Celestial Tree