Death Pendulum
Death Pendulum
Eternal Wings Magnus
Category Battle
Contains Sword
Gathering # 0016
Element Chrono
Found Drop (Imperial Guard)
Buy (Azha: 10000 G)
Sale Price 100 G
Ages From None
Ages Into None
Usable By Kalas
In SP Combos 54
Spirit #
Evens (UL) Odds (UR)
1-8 (LL) (LR)
ATK 108 (Chrono 65)
Effect 1% chance of Death
Combo # 2
Self Target No
DEF 71 (Chrono 65)
Effect None
Combo # 2

Death Pendulum is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.


The blade enshrouds its victims in silence, wrought with suggestions of impending death. Those who fail to see through this illusion are doomed to an untimely demise.

Eternal Wings Magnus
#0015 Wind God Blade #0016 Death Pendulum #0017 Cetaka's Sword
Wind God Blade
Death Pendulum
Cetaka's Sword
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