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The Mystical Garden

Detourne is a garden located between Parnasse and Reverence on Mira. Detourne has four main parts.

The Entryway

The entryway is is an odd location. There are three blue blocks and three red blocks that go from the ceiling to the floor depending on a certain setting. The Hero is located here, and gives you three important items for the puzzle located in Detourne. In the entryway, you can walk on the ceiling, and the blocks shift accordingly. You can find the key to the boss here, as well as the item Mirage Weed, a Quest Magnus.

The Maze

In the maze, there are eight doors!

, each corressponding to a door in the entryway. If you go into the top three doors, you walk on the entryway's ceiling. Two of the doors do not go into the entryway. One is a trapdoor leading to the boss. The other is a doorway leading to the Scale Room. In the Maze there are Slime enemies, and fire traps that can block your progress. A treasure chest is found here containing the Golden Pickaxe, a Quest Magnus required to enter the boss room. The Pickaxe destroys several walls leading to the trapdoor.

The Scale Room

In the Scale Room, there is a scale in the middle of a moat, guarded by Devilish Hands, and a shellfish-type monster. The scale has two different colored balances. One is red, one is blue. You change the balances by adding water that can be obtained by the moat. If the red balance is lowest, the red blocks will be on the same part of the entryway that you are. If the blue is heaviest, the same but with the blue blocks.

The Boss Room

The boss of Detourne is the Magnus Giganticus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The maze section of this dungeon is based on the game "The Tower of Druaga". The items needed to traverse it are all items the player get in the game, and the charachter that gives this items to the payer is called "Golden Hero", the same name of the main charachter of the Tower of Druaga. The Items that appear in both games are:

  • Jet Boots (makes kalas run faster in the Tower)
  • White Sword (no Effect)
  • Red Necklace (walk trough fire)
  • Golden Key
  • Golden PicAxe(used for breaking down walls and to finish the Museum sidequest)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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