Devil Claws
Devil Claws.jpg
Eternal Wings Enemy
Type Monster
Habitat Celestial Tree
Drops Heat Paddle
Magnum Cornet
Pegasus Horn
Pickled Eggplant
Experience 110
Picture Devil Claws (magnus)
In Battle
HP 495
AGL 54
Attacks 2 card combo
Physical 82 (123 raised), Fire 43 (65 raised)
3 card combo
Physical 110 (165 raised), Fire 58 (88 raised)
Special Move Carcass of Life
1 card combo
(ATK Increase for 2 turns, self or ally)
Defense Physical 22, Fire 22
(0-3 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire -30%
Water +30%
Chrono +20%
Wind -20%
Status Resistance
Flames 100

Devil Claws is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins.

Eternal Wings[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Devil Claws
Devil Claws (Origins).png
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #012
Type Monster
Habitat Nihal Desert
Drops Emerald Thrush
Flame Sword
Experience 130
TP 65
Gold 75
In Battle
Speed B
Offense E
Skill Carcass of Power
Packed full of powerful nutrition--at least if you like chowing down on rotten meat. (Offense boost)
Elemental Defense
Physical.png E Fire.png E Ice.png E
Lightning.png E Light.png E Darkness.png E
Status Resistance
Sleep 14%
Poison 42%

Field Guide Description[edit | edit source]

A monstrous bug with sharp claws and a shell. Those living in the Nihal Desert burrow in the sand, then spring forth when they hear footsteps. They are extremely aggressive, but there are those who hunt them for their highly prized meat.
Uses: Physical
Weak: Ice

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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