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Duke Calbren's full character art

The Duke[]

Little is known of the early years of Duke Calbren, except he is the latest in a long line known as the duchy of Mira. He has extensive knowledge of the End Magnus, along with its powers and potential. He also is the guardian of the End Magnus of Mira and tries very hard to protect it, so as to not cause any further harm to Mira as his ancestor did. He is also in possession of the Earth Sphere given to his bloodline by the Children of the Earth.

Tragedy and Betrayal[]

A few years before the events of the first game, the duke's granddaughter, Melodia, died in a plague along with her parents. As she lay dead, he was overcome by grief and resurrected her with the power of the End Magnus. Happy to have her back, he and Melodia lived together until she sieged Alfard and resurrected Malpercio.


To Save His Granddaughter[]

He spends the rest of the story wishing for Melodia’s safe return and pleading with Kalas to save her. He confronts her at Cor Hydrae, only to have her fuse with Malpercio. Despite this, she is eventually saved and he is overjoyed. He celebrates with our heroes at the end of the journey and forgives Melodia for everything she has done.


  • It's long been theorized that the Duke' children were the protagonists of the prequel game who he adopted as his own, but this has never been confirmed.