Bk2 elements

Elemental list, as they appear in Baten Kaitos Origins

Element in the Baten Kaitos series is a property of Magnus that corresponds with some aspect of the physical world. Elements are distinguished and represented by the background color of Magnus as well as an elemental symbol seen in the Camp Screen. The elements present and their effects on gameplay vary across each game.

Eternal WingsEdit

The six elements in Eternal Wings exist in three opposing pairs: Fire - Water, Light - Dark, and Wind - Chrono. In Battle, when both of the elements in a pair are used in the same turn, they will cancel out each other's elemental offense or defense (i.e. 50 Water + 100 Fire = 50 Fire). Magnus without an element are referred to as Neutral or Physical.


Origins features five elements: Fire, Ice, Light, Darkness, and Lightning. In battle, elemental weapons can lend their element to attacks which have a Variable element. Magnus lacking an element are considered to be simply non-elemental, or for practical purposes on the Wiki, Physical.

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