Xelha End Magnus

The End Magnus, as it appears in Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean's opening Cinema

The End Magnus are five of the most powerful Magnus that exist in the Baten Kaitos series, with one being sealed within each of the five great nations: Diadem, Sadal Suud, Anuenue, Alfard and Mira.. Each of the five contains a part of the deceased God Malpercio.

In the story of Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, they are the catalyst which drive the story forward as our heroes try to prevent Emperor Geldoblame from acquiring them and destroying the world.

The five End Magnus are Ar, Le, Bo, He and Che. Each is also protected by one of the Guardians. These five End Magnus are five different gods, collectively called Malpercio.

Bathing in the light of one of the End Magnus can imbue ordinary mortals with a portion of Malpercio's power, allowing them to transform into grotesque monsters while retaining their will, as demonstrated with Fadroh. However, bathing in the light of all five of them at once has serious repercussions causing Malpercio to directly take over the mortal's mutated body, as evidenced by what happened to Emperor Geldoblame.

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