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Fire illustration from BkO

Fire is the type of magic used by many characters in Baten Kaitos but its most proficient user is Savyna as 1/2 her arsenal is comprosed of attacks alligned with this element.


The element of fire is strong againts Ice but weak against Water. If an opponent is weak against it they may catch fire. The ability to burn opponents make this a useful ability.

Fire Techs[]

Kalas- Flash Explosion - Found in Opu after giving Mayfee some Komo Mai cookes.

Xelha-Dancing Flames - Found after defeating the Tree Guardian

Gibari-Explosive Paddle - Found in Anuenue Port.

Savyna-Burning Arrow - In Savyna's deck when she first joins your party.

Erupting Flail - Fire-based finisher. In Savyna's deck when she first joins your party.

Vanish Grenade - Found after defeating Phantasm.

Inferno Cannon - Found in Algorab Village.

Deadly Heat Scythe - Found after defeating Sibling God: Ar.

Mizuti-Prominence - Found after defeating Agyo and Ungyo.

Sagi - Heavenfall

Red Padma

Blast Tooth

Milly - Phoenix Dive - Found in the Nekkar Quietlands

Guillo - Firewheel - Has from start of game

Empyreal Wildfire