Fire illustration from BkO

Fire is the type of magic used by many characters in Baten Kaitos but its most proficient user is Savyna as 1/2 her arsenal is comprosed of attacks alligned with this element.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The element of fire is strong againts Ice but weak against Water. If an opponent is weak against it they may catch fire. The ability to burn opponents make this a useful ability.

Fire Techs[edit | edit source]

Kalas- Flash Explosion - Found in Opu after giving Mayfee some Komo Mai cookes.

Xelha-Dancing Flames - Found after defeating the Tree Guardian

Gibari-Explosive Paddle - Found in Anuenue Port.

Savyna-Burning Arrow - In Savyna's deck when she first joins your party.

Erupting Flail - Fire-based finisher. In Savyna's deck when she first joins your party.

Vanish Grenade - Found after defeating Phantasm.

Inferno Cannon - Found in Algorab Village.

Deadly Heat Scythe - Found after defeating Sibling God: Ar.

Mizuti-Prominence - Found after defeating Agyo and Ungyo.

Sagi - Heavenfall

Red Padma

Blast Tooth

Milly - Phoenix Dive - Found in the Nekkar Quietlands

Guillo - Firewheel - Has from start of game

Empyreal Wildfire

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