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Hello everyone. The point of this topic is for me to be able run proposed changes by the Baten Kaitos Wiki community as well as to let the community bring their own ideas forward.

The first change I'd like to make is to remove the videos from the mainpage and possibly create a page for media and/or integrate the videos into fitting articles. The issue I have with the videos being on the frontpage is that videos generally slow down and stress weaker systems or primitive browsers. It's not very welcoming to visitors to have a difficult or slow time loading our Wiki because of something that really isn't an absolute necessity. Revitalizer 03:59, February 27, 2011 (UTC) And don't forget to sign your posts with four consecutive "~".
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As nobody seems to really mind (plus, they can always be returned in the future), I'm going to go ahead and remove them. I think I'll also removed the Bonus Article. Sometime in the future I'll retouch the information on the mainpage, but for now I'll just make it a little cleaner. Revitalizer 02:39, March 21, 2011 (UTC)
Hi, i'm new fan of BK and this is an amazing page congratulations and i think that is a good idea, post one section of frequently questions
I'm from Mexico but i like contributing in something (i do not speak very well in inglish )
Great wiki I'll follow your page :D
By: fan BK.
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