Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Dark soldier and servant of the wicked god. Master of wind based attributes. It’s huge ½ horse physique also strikes fear in the hearts of most.

Habitat: Inter-dimensional crack

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP: 5600 Weak: Light (+50%) Chrono (+30%) Strong: Dark (-50%) Wind (-30%)

Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

Galatea has a lot of HP, even more than Geldoblame. Even so, don't expect much of a fight. Galatea also has a big combo, ending with Heart of the Maelstrom. It can deal a lot of Wind damage, so be careful of his attacks. Don't get too cocky, because Galatea isn't as much of a pushover like the others. I went with Xelha, Mizuti, and Gibari for this fight. Simply exploit his weakness for Light by using all of Xelha's Light finishers and other party members' Light Magnus. You can stick with Chronos Magnus as well. Galatea is the hardest out of the four bosses, but you should not have much trouble with him.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Upon defeat it will drop- Amethyst Earrings (armor for Lyude), Crescendo (finisher for Lyude), and the Libra Constellation Magnus.

Videos[edit | edit source]

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