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Geldoblame, Emperor Eternal Wings.jpg
Name Geldoblame
Gender Male
Battlestyle/Job Class Emperor of Alfard
Hometown Alfard
Age 25 in BKO, 45 in BKEW
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Orange
Voice Actor English-Walter Roberts (EWLO); Dwight Schultz (Origins); Japanese-Chafurin
Weapon/Element His army, powers of darkness

Emperor Geldoblame is the autocratic, ruthless, and sadistic leader of the Alfard Empire who seeks to use his position and resources in his malicious plans to revive the Ancient God of Destruction, Malpercio, and use its power to seize complete control over the rest of the world. A crazed and power-hungry madman with no remorse or empathy, Geldoblame is the catalyst for many of the events in the Baten Kaitos Series.

However, he once had much nobler ambitions and visions as a man with an immense admiration of Questor Verus, whom he served for much of his life, and took great pride in his position as his right hand-man. These years of loyalty ended in tragedy for Geldoblame after learning that he was simply being used by Verus for sinister purposes. After ascending into power as Alfard's new emperor, Geldoblame embarks on his plans to obtain all the End Magnus by any means necessary in a quest to seize control over the entire world with him as its immortal leader.


Origins of Wealth and Luxury[]

Geldoblame was born a pure blooded Alfard citizen and, as such, grew with all the amenities that came along with it. He was well schooled, knew the luxuries that life could give, and also looked down on anyone not from Alfard. Geldoblame was an exceptional student, excelling academically all the while dreaming of helping his country further advance and developing a lust for power and prestige. He had visions and goals of gaining high status in the empire as soon as possible and rise into a position of ultimate power and authority. He researched countless legends and myths about the War of the Gods, eventually becoming fascinated by the five End Magnus that sealed away the power of Malpercio.

Over time, Geldoblame developed an insatiable hunger for these cards, believing them to be the ideal way of raising Alfard to a period of prosperity in which he hoped to one day rule. While driven by power, Geldoblame was no where near the sadistic man he would eventually become and lacked any true violent nature or vile tendencies towards the general populace. On the contrary, Geldoblame seemed to very much care for the welfare of the other nations, though still believed that Alfard needed to be be in supreme control to truly aid them. His lust for power at this point in time was not to gratify himself, but the world at large as he believed the empire could truly help all nations and lead them to peace and prosperity with the correct leadership.

He grew up in an empire on the rise under the leadership of Emperor Olgan and grew fascinated if not enchanted by the military leader, Verus. Around this time he even started what would become his “My Verus Scrapbook”, showing that his obsession with Verus was becoming unhealthy, although he kept its existence a secret and often requested that no one access that book. Geldoblame eventually scaled the social ladder and, by age 25, managed to become Verus’s personal aid and right hand man. While serving Verus, Geldoblame's lust for power was soon replaced by his immense advocacy for Verus, no longer caring about his personal rise in the empire or the End Magnus and instead focused on making sure Verus' power was secured.

The Seeds of Planning[]

A young Geldoblame during his service to Quaestor Verus

Geldoblame became famous around this time under Emperor Olgan, as being Verus’ protege taught him about politics and gave him high social standing among the people of Alfard. Little did Geldoblame know that Verus hid a very sadistic and violent nature and was plotting to seize control of the empire and, eventually, the world to form a "new order."

Around this period of time, the empire was flourishing with Baelheit’s Machina advancing them far beyond the other nations. He received the best training money could buy and was privy to many of Verus’s secrets and it is hinted that he may have even fell in love with him. However, it is also hinted that Geldoblame simply fell in love with the power that Verus had at his command and had the utmost respect for him due to his power and reputation.

Geldoblame was a man very much in touch with the many people in his nation, as he had heard of and met the genius inventor of Azha, Georg and the doctor Larikush; later this information would serve him well. Under Verus's tutelage, Geldoblame learned a great deal about the history of the continents and even more about the exact nature of the End Magnus pieces that kept them afloat. Eventually however, the Emperor was assassinated in a sinister plot by Verus himself, though Geldoblame had no idea of his master's megalomanic schemes at the time, and was sent by Verus to help out the would be assassin, Sagi. Along with Verus, he supplied support and valuable resources so Sagi and company could stop Baelheit and his Machina Vanguard.

It is Geldoblame who carries out his master's will and even represented him during the elections even though Verus did not win in his candidacy for emperor. Curiously, even though a seemingly noble and respectable man during Olgan's death, Geldoblame kept secrets of his own as he may have incited a Para machina rebellion in The Dark Service to help Verus achieve his goals. This was accomplished by Geldoblame by tampering into the microchips the Empire was manufacturing and shipping off to the Dark Service to put into the para machina.

While this was intended to increase their abilities in combat, Geldoblame apparently altered the chips to give the para machina a will and mind of their own, causing them to no longer obey those who are weaker than them, including their commanding Dark Service officials and soldiers. The rebellion led to the deaths of hundreds of soldiers, caused much destruction, end even threatened the welfare of Alfard as the para machina planned to launch a full scale attack. While he sends Sagi to prevent a possible Alfard invasion by the para machina, this event is the first hint at Geldoblame's cunning and clever thinking as well as his more violent and manipulative nature.

Descent into Madness and Ascension into Power[]

Geldoblame was blinded by his own preconceptions of Verus to realize that he was being used by Verus for his own sinister agenda. When Sagi made his way into Tarazed, Geldoblame and Verus followed them in as well. Geldoblame remained at his master's side, confident that he had Verus's utmost respect and was helping him in bringing peace back to the world. After Sagi defeats Baelheit, Verus reveals himself and murders him in cold blood, though Geldoblame still supported this action and viewed it as Verus's way of bringing peace to the world.

However, Geldoblame was soon shocked to learn that Verus had no intention of bringing peace to the world and sought to destroy everyone who opposed him and use Tarazed to restructure the world as its new ruler. While still shocked, Geldoblame still offered to assist Verus, but Verus revealed to him that he was nothing but a pawn as Sagi and everyone else he made contact with was. Telling him he was nothing more than old and no longer beautiful, he discarded Geldoblame like "an old child's toy" at the end of the day.

In shock and disbelief, Geldoblame struggled out of a self destructing Tarazed, barely making it out in time. He crash landed somewhere in Alfard where all the leaders and possible candidates for emperor were now dead including Baelheit, the prince, Shanath, and Geldoblame's former master, Questor Verus. Upon his return, Geldoblame was a changed man, bitter and angry, but the empire, or more specifically, the Alfard senate, was overjoyed to see him alive after initially thinking they had no hope of restoring the Empire. As he was the only person left with knowledge on how to run the empire, Geldoblame was made emperor immediately, with the Senate also promising to give him undivided support if he accepted, much to his surprise and delight. With the realization that he had outlived all his rivals and even his betrayer and became the most powerful man in Alfard after everything that transpired, Geldoblame became drunk with power and began laughing heinously and uncontrollably.

Geldoblame at the onset of his insanity after being appointed as the new emperor.

Having realized that he was played for as a fool by Verus, Geldoblame's aspirations quickly transitioned back to his original plans; to obtain complete authority in a bid for conquest and wealth, only this time, Geldoblame had no intention of helping the other nations. With Geldoblame now filled with hatred, anger, and mistrust, he no longer cared about the welfare of other populaces, including his own, and desired to accumulate power for himself and only him and subjugate the rest of the nations to his rulership to assume complete control over everything through the energies of Malpercio. With these greedy and lustful ambitions the only thing left for Geldoblame, the newly appointed emperor implemented plans that he had formulated, years before meeting Verus, to obtain the End Magnus. Owing to his anger at Verus for his betrayal, he then immediately requested that the legacy of Verus' rival, Baelheit, be put to better use, and also "accepted" under the pretense that Alfard needs a ruler.

Now in complete control and power, Geldoblame's first orders to the Alfard senate were to bring him Georg and start preparations and operations to find the five End Magnus pieces hidden throughout the continents by any means necessary. Geldoblame's new lust for power and conquest would lead Alfard to a prosperous age, but would also take countless lives and lead to a war that will threaten the fate of the entire world and every person within it. Indeed, the conflict that started with Wiseman and Verus would only worsen over the years with the now demented Geldoblame in the seat of supreme power and rulership and the world would be the one to pay the price for decades.

New Policies and Operations as Emperor[]

Geldoblame as the maniacal ruler of Alfard after 20 years of warped amibitions and power hunger.

As soon as he became emperor and obtained every benefit that the title provided, Geldoblame went from a seemingly honest and generous man to a vile, greedy, and power hungry villain who couldn't have cared less for the lives of others. Verus' betrayal against him caused Geldoblame to develop a heart of darkness even more evil than Verus' with no love for anybody or anything other than power, authority, and control. Geldoblame completely reorganized the Empire, utilizing all forms of new technological advancements to restructure the army, and used harsh punishments and fear to exert his control and authority over his people.

Under his leadership, Alfard became a ruthless, totalitarian dictatorship that cared very little for the welfare of other nations and viewed them as inferior. Despite this, Geldoblame was an exceptional ruler due to his near genius level intellect and his political background made it very easy for him to implement new laws and regulations, allowing the empire to rise to levels not even Olgan, Baelheit, or Verus were capable of.

Geldoblame was a very stern and demanding ruler and was able to command mass amounts of respect from his subjects and people. No one knew what had came over Geldoblame for him to become such an authoritary figure, but it was clear that the new ruler of Alfard held great ambitions for his nation and everyone was obliged to agree with him and respect him. Donning himself in new, lavish clothing to symbolize his upgraded power and wealth, Geldoblame's focus on leading his nation into a seat of supreme control over the world was unyielding and his life's goal.

Keeping up with Baelheit's legacy of machina, Geldoblame used it as the focal point of the empire as all vestiges of plant life were removed while he perfected his nation. He had Greater Mintaka and Verus' former residence completely demolished and torn down and used the space to construct a huge and incredibly lavish addition to the imperial fortress, now ten times the size and made out of pure gold machina, where Geldoblame ruled in comfort and luxury. Removing all signs of prior ruler-ship to eradicate the memory of fallen rulers and their diluted fantasies at the expense of Alfard, Geldoblame also had Baelheit's quarters torn down and replaced with various shops and houses. 

He appointed new and hand picked generals and commanders to lead in his armies, disposing of all the previous ones who served Olgan and Baelheit. He delegated complete control over all the commanders to a man named Fadroh, who was made the supreme general over the entire imperial army, gave orders to the other lesser commanders in leading their army squadrons, and reported directly to Geldoblame himself. In addition to this authority, Fadroh was the head of all defenses and security for the Imperial Fortress and Mintaka and worked on all imperial army operations under Geldoblame's orders.

Implementing numerous operations and plans, Geldoblame also sent several imperial soldiers to talk with Georg quite frequently about his inventions and experiments. When Geldoblame observed all their findings in such discussions, he knew that Georg was the perfect candidate needed to perfect his military technology. He then gave the order to his officials to abduct Georg and bring him to the imperial fortress. Ordering his development staff to set up a laboratory specifically for George's inventions and experiments, Geldoblame had high expectations and great visions of where Georg's brilliance could take his empire. The development staff completely rebuilt the old research facilities previously used by Baelheit, until the disastrous ramifications of the Malideiter projects, to serve as the staging grounds for Georg's experiments.

When Georg was abducted and brought before him as ordered, Geldoblame charged him with the task of creating new mechanical weapons and machina robots for his military, giving him various forms of machina to use as a guide. He also abducted and enlisted Georg's friend, Doctor Larikush, to aid as well and the pair soon succeeded in creating incredible new weapons and even a flying fortress, known as the Goldoba, which Geldoblame quickly used to seize complete control over numerous lands and mass murder countless populaces into compliance as he tightened his rule. Geldoblame's military armies soon became the most technologically advanced and well equipped in the entire world, becoming the dominant power throughout the continents.

As Geldoblame gained further power and control, he dissolved the Dark Service, previously a secret organization for Baelheit until Geldoblame himself incited a paramachina rebellion that took the lives of hundreds of its officers. In its place, Geldoblame created the Mad Wolf Unit, which were charged with the most heinous orders, including the murders of children, the destruction of villages and towns, and numerous criminal activities; this unit would serve as the perfect and ultimate enforcers and assassins in Geldoblame's empire, ready to be used if any severe disobeidance is shown. While forming this sinister unit, Geldoblame was brought a small girl found in the former Dark Service HQ named Savyna, whom he soon had trained to become one of the leaders of the unit.

This unit was responsible for killing all who opposed the emperor, even if that meant entire societies, and kept Geldoblame's strangled hold on his people intact. Geldoblame also enlisted Giacomo, a Dark Service solider with startling potential and Georg's son, who soon proved to be the most skilled and loyal soldier in Geldoblame's army, eventually becoming his right hand man and aid. Giacomo was soon put in charge of a personal squadron of assassins under Geldoblame's direct control, with the unit specifically made to carry out Geldoblame's most personal and secret operations that he only trusted Giacomo with. This force frightened even the citizens of Alfard and few spoke of it or even Giacomo's name as the unit embarked on Geldoblame's most horrendous operations and plans.

As he perfected his nation, Geldoblame continued to pour many of his resources into obtaining the five End Magnus pieces so that he may use their incredible powers to obtain the abilities of Malpercio and open up a dimensional rift of monsters to command so that he can restructure the entire world and bring it under his complete control. He grew to be adored by the people of Alfard and often held great ceremonies and celebrations in which he would gain their undivided support in his quest to conquer and control all the other nations, diluting his own people into believing that all nations aside from Alfard were controlled by worthless inferiors with low intellectual capabilities that needed to be governed by him in order to survive and flourish.

Despite his genuine hatred and disgust towards them, Geldoblame also gained the acquaintance of the leaders of the other nations to solely keep up a favorable reputation amongst them and gain additional power and support as the new leader of Alfard. As Geldoblame's power heightened, so did his lust for more control and authority, as he began laying out more plans and operations that laid out the foundations for his malicious ambitions and greedy desires.

The Quest for Immortality[]

As Geldoblame continued on with his plans, he next gave Georg and Larikush the task of unlocking the secrets of life itself as he also desired the key to immortality to rule for eternity with immense power and abilities at his disposal. He ordered Georg to make a child created from pure Magnus, called The Divine Child, whose essence would aid Geldoblame in releasing himself from the mortal coil he craved so much to cast aside.

In order to create such a being, Geldoblame had them use the power of the End Magnus itself from the Lava Caves in Azha, as he also desired to learn all the secrets of such a power in preparation for his next schemes. While the End Magnus itself was locked away within the bowels of the caves, some of its energies emanated from the caves and could be utilized. He used Giacomo, who sought power for himself as well, to test out the potential of the experiments to ensure that there are no complications or threats to himself when he tried the operations on himself to obtain immortality.

To further aid in the research, Geldoblame gave Georg Ayme and Folon, two orphans abducted from Azha, to use as guinea pigs for his experiments. Geldoblame had Ayme, Folon, and Giacamo absorb some of the power of the End Magnus in order to test its potential. The experiments were horrendous and torturous, resulting in Folon and Ayme developing raw hatred and anger towards Georg as they were only small children at the time. Giacomo on the other hand, who desired to obtain great power at any cost to become the strongest soldier in the Imperial Army and the world, marveled at the experiments. All three of these individuals would gain incredible powers and abilities, but Geldoblame was not satisfied and desired even more results as the three still had no signs of immortality.

To this end, Georg initially managed to create a life form from a heart flask, but Geldoblame viewed him as a failure as he had too many similarities to that of a regular human being and named him Kalas, a word which means "raven" in a long, forgotten language. Geldoblame ordered Georg to destroy Kalas and create a more stable and suitable experiment to use as a guide to discover immortality.

Georg, however, grew fond of Kalas and refused to hurt him, but did succeed in perfecting his techniques and Fee was born, the true divine child and magnus of life. Still, there some complications in the experiments and Geldoblame ordered Georg and Larikush to rectify all possible problems before going further, again instructing them to destroy Kalas, already infuriated that they had not done so already.

While it seemed that Geldoblame would soon obtain the immortal powers he longed for and gain further knowledge into the workings of the End Magnus, Georg, Larikush, and their experiments known as Kalas and Fee were seemingly killed in a blazing inferno. However, the reality was that Georg and Larikush grew disgusted of Geldoblame and his vile ambitions and staged the fire to fake Kalas and Fee's deaths, as well as their own, so that they may escape to Mira and live in peace. Larikush would soon part with the trio and established a residence in Sadal Suud to continue in his medical duties without the Empire using them for conquest again.

With his plans for immortality shattered, Geldoblame still made use of the fruits of Georg's experiments and enlisted both Ayme and Folon into the Imperial Army and placed them under Giacomo's watch with the pair eventually becoming secondary leaders of his personal unit. Both Ayme and Folon soon saw Giacomo as a father figure for taking care of them and training them for years, but also developed hearts just as cruel and merciless as him. Georg's inventions and his very name were from then on forbidden to be even spoken of by Geldoblame's people or subordinates, as Geldoblame was infuriated that such power escaped his grasp due to what appeared to be a complication in the experiments.

The Azha Massacre and Revenge[]

As his grip and tyranny tightened, Geldoblame became infuriated with the people of Azha when they opposed the incredibly harsh conditions he placed on them to mine for ore, resulting in many of their deaths. Prior to this, the people of Azha filed multiple complaints about the harsh regulations, but Geldoblame and his officials simply ignored them.

In an eerily sadistic speech, Geldoblame showed his complete disdain for others as he referred to the people of Azha as mindless and worthless slaves, who were merely pawns in a game for power and control and would kill every man, woman, and child if it served to benefit him. Ending with stating that the only reason he lets them live is for their use in slavery and mining, he ordered his army to massacre a large portion of the village, only to be opposed by a high ranking imperial officer named Lyude.

Ignoring Lyude's protests, Geldoblame had his army massacre the village, including many of its children, in his name and torch many of the houses and homes to "spark up a little motivation" and show them just what it means to invoke his wrath. Over half of the Azha population was killed in the massacre, codenamed "Operation Sweep", the bodies of the deceased thrown into the lava of the Azha Caves, resulting in countless children being orphans and prevented further rebellion, having scared the remaining citizens into compliance.

This event had a lasting impact on Savyna, who began to feel remorse for her actions after murdering a small child in front of his father, who was later killed in front of her by a fellow assassin, during the massacre and orphaning countless others. Geldoblame in the meantime was pleased with the outcome and next banished Lyude to Diadem, instead of court-marshaling and executing him as he would've preferred for opposing him, due to his family heritage of Alfard honor. This caused endless humiliation for Lyude, ruined his reputation, and caused his own brother and sister to despise him and stay loyal to the Emperor.

After ruining Lyude's reputation, Geldoblame soon learned from Giacomo that Georg was indeed alive with Kalas and Fee in Mira. Infuriated, Geldoblame sent Giacomo, Ayme, and Savyna to murder all three of them, no longer caring about the potential of Georg's experiments and simply lusted for revenge. They did as was told and set Georg's house on fire as Ayme shot both Kalas and Fee fatally. Instead of killing Georg however, Giacomo tried to bargain with him in an attempt to convince him to come back with him to continue his research, still desiring to obtain the divine child for himself. Georg refused and stepped into the flames of his house, knowing that it would be better for the world if he died, so that his mind would never be used for such evil and self-serving purposes again.

However, Kalas was able to live on as Fee passed his magnus of life on to him when he died from his wounds. This event would also be last straw for Savyna, having had enough of killing so many people simply because it was the whim of Geldoblame. With the deaths of Georg and Fee, Geldoblame gave his full attention and focus on his plans to obtain all five End Magnus.

While the emperor worked on his plans to find the End Magnus, he received a visit from a peculiar girl named Melodia, who gave him an ancient artifact known as the Earth Sphere. According to legend, this artifact was what sealed away each End Magnus in the continents and could also unseal it. With this, Geldoblame enlisted Melodia's help, unaware that she was being controlled by Malpercio himself in his own bid for power and conquest. In addition, he was left unaware that the End Magnus were technically composed of five dead gods instead of amounting to one single god, which would ultimately come back to haunt him.

The Hunt for the End Magnus[]

With the deaths of Georg and Fee and his new-found help in the form of Melodia and the Earth Sphere, Geldoblame focused entirely on his plans to obtain all the End Magnus pieces. As Geldoblame laid out all his plans to obtain the End Magnus pieces, he would pay numerous visits to Melodia in Mira to discuss their schemes for power and go over the best tactics and methods of obtaining all five cards.

With his operations in full swing, Geldoblame's palace also demanded for more staff to run his personal services. To this end, a new servant girl was sent to him by the name of Xelha whom Geldoblame paid no particular mind, as she was seemingly just another pawn meant to serve him, and continued to plot the resurrection Malpercio and obtaining his power. Unfortunately for Geldoblame, the Earth Sphere was stolen by that same servant girl he underestimated, who later turned out to be the Ice Queen of Wazn and was simply posing as a servant to gain inside information on Geldoblame's plans. With the Earth Sphere, Xelha fled to Sadal Suud, as she overheard Geldoblame mentioning one of the End Magnus being situated there.

In response, Geldoblame dispatched Giacomo and the Goldoba to bring it back and to gather the End Magnus on Sadal Suud as well. At the same time, he deployed a unit of imperial soldiers to Diadem to declare war on the nation and slaughter the entire Diadem Army and demolish the castle and city, fabricating the notion that Diadem was planning an attack on the Empire as justification for the invasion. Knowing that Diadem would serve as an obstacle in his plans, he places Ayme in charge of the attack, tasking her with personally assassinating King Ladekahn, a possible obstacle in Geldoblame's plans, and stealing the End Magnus situated in the continent.

Around the same time, Geldoblame also ordered his development staff to create a weapon of devastating power and destruction, which he planned to to combine with the End Magnus to allow the device to wield Malpercio's power. With this weapon, Geldoblame planned to seize control of all nations and massacre anyone who opposed his empire.

In the meantime, as Giacomo pursued Xelha and Ayme led the operation in Diadem, Geldoblame took a trip to Anuenue, where he was a personal guest of Queen Corellia, taking Folon with him as his bodyguard. There, he studied the magical barrier around the continent to see if there were any weaknesses for frontal assaults so that he may lead an attack to obtain the End Magnus there. Since the Queen would most likely not agree with Geldoblame's schemes, he had to keep up his facade as a admirer of Corellia and her continent, simply telling her that he wished to spend time in Anuenue to take a break from his grueling duties.

Geldoblame voices his disgust over Kalas's survival to his bodyguard, Folon.

Meanwhile, Giacomo had succeeded in collecting the End Magnus on Sadal Suud while Ayme obtained the End Magnus on Diadem through manipulation and mind control on Lyude. However, Giacomo failed to obtain the Earth Sphere and Ayme failed to assassinate King Ladekahn, despite the imperial army wiping out a large amount of Diadem's army. Despite this, Geldoblame's plans were progressing smoothly as he upheld his facade of simply visiting Anuenue.

However, he was called upon his visit and instigated in an End Magnus conspiracy by Kalas, Xelha, Gilbari, and Lyude. While secretly shocked to see Kalas alive, he stated down each of them in turn and denied the allegations. Learning that the magical barrier around Anuenue was invulnerable to outside attacks, Geldoblame then sent Folon to slaughter the trouble makers as he returned to his empire, where he waited patiently for everything to fall into place. He also was surprised to see Xelha present, although to a far lesser extent to Kalas, pondering the implications of Giacomo failing him.

While Folon set up a cunning trap to kill the enemies of the empire, he failed to finish them off due to the interference of Savyna, who decided to help the heroes to heal her sorrow over the horrible crimes she committed at Geldoblame's behest. With Kalas and his friends still on the loose, Geldoblame placed them on the Empire's wanted list, instructing all of Alfard to keep their eyes open and instructed his army to kill them all on sight.

As his plans became closer and closer to completion, Geldoblame installed a speech device in the center of Alfard that broadcast his own voice, demanding for his people's respect and installing in their minds that other nations were inferior. As a result, the people of Alfard became even more warped and diluted, even children, and became paranoid of not pleasing their empire. Certain citizens even began to notice this change in the populace and had a feeling of dread swept across their minds, believing that something sinister was possessing the nation and residing in the shadows.

While Geldoblame possessed two of the End Magnus pieces, Kalas and his group were able to obtain the third one on Anuenue. Melodia was unshaken by this setback, with Geldoblame unaware of her pact with Kalas, and advises him to concentrate his efforts on obtaining the End Magnus in Alfard, while she concentrates on gathering the one in Kalas's possession. Geldoblame agrees and dispatches Giacomo, Ayme, and Folon, to Mira to obtain the End Magnus there, with Melodia agreeing to a fake kipnapping scheme to aid the trio.

Melodia then takes a personal visit to the town of Parnasse, the confectionary village where she knows Kalas and his friends are located. There, she pretends to stumble in front of Kalas, who helps her, to create a diversion where Kalas slips her the End Magnus he obtained from Anuenue as Melodia and Kalas secertly made a pact. With the third one in her possession, she allows Giacomo to abduct her and gives him the End Magnus.

Once Kalas and his group find her, a demon from The Dark Brethren's dimension is released due to the seal weakening from three of the End Magnus being unsealed. Though the heroes are able to defeat, it is only after Melodia communicates to it that it yields and returns to it's dimensions, telling it that it is not yet time. Giacomo late succeeded in stealing the fourth End Magnus on Mira from Melodia mansion, while Ayme stole the Earth Sphere from Xelha, giving Geldoblame everything he needed to complete his plans.

Showdown and Ultimate Destruction[]

Having obtained four of the End Magnus and the Earth Sphere, Geldoblame prepared his armies for the final seizure of the last End Magnus, situated in the Lava Caves of Azha. Using the Goldoba, Geldoblame traveled to Azha and arrived at the Lava Caves with a platoon of troops, intending to take care of Kalas and his friends by leaving the Goldoba in Giacomo, Ayme, and Folon's control and placing them in charge of ending their lives. However, Kalas and the others were able to defeat them and the Goldoba crashed into the Azha mountains, where it was completely destroyed.

Geldoblame in the meantime summoned the Mad Wolf Unit and ventured into the depths of the Lava Caves and had the unit and his troops kill the last guardian of the final End Magnus, the Lord of the Lava caves. Not caring for the losses his army suffered and anticipating this time around that Giacomo and the others have failed him yet again, Geldoblame used the Earth Sphere to unseal the last End Magnus and discarded the artifact in the caves as he now finally had all five End Magnus in his possession, with Azdar personally accompanying him.

With his prize before him he ignored the timely arrival of Kalas and friends beyond gloating that they were too late and bathed in the power of all five End Magnus and was reborn in a grotesque yet powerful form that reflected his heart of greed and darkness. With all the End Magnus gathered, the barrier between dimensions was ripped open and the demonic resting place of Malpercio and the Dark Brethren known as Cor Hydrae appeared, unleashing an army of demons and monsters which began to attack the continents. However, he initially was shocked when Malpercio had apparently not been fully awakened and wondered if the End Magnus had not been released completely before being transformed via Malpercio's power.

Geldoblame transformed by the power of the End Magnus.

Geldoblame's troops fled from him and he engaged Kalas and his friends, confident that his new-found power would ensure his victory and he would be able to conquer the entire world. Engaging Kalas and his friends in a brutal battle, Geldoblame displays amazing, new abilities courtesy of Malpercio's power and nearly defeats the heroes. However, the collective might of the group is able to just barely defeated the crazed emperor once and for all, much to the villain's disgust and disbelief.

Upon his defeat however he lost control of his body due to Malpercio overtaking him, much to his surprise. It was then that Melodia revealed herself along with Fadroh, who was seduced by Melodia and has been working with her for quite sometime in their own plans for power and war. Melodia revealed her plans to unleash Malpercio herself and plunge the world in war to wipe out all mortals. She also explained the truth of how the End Magnus, far from amounting to one god, were composed of five dead gods, and thus was "a gruesome patchwork of divine body parts fused together by torment," and that no standard mortal could withstand such power, let alone someone like Geldoblame.

Geldoblame soon realized the horrifying and ironic reality that he had simply been a pawn and lied to yet again just as he had been twenty years prior by Verus. Humiliated and heartbroken again, he was then gunned down by his troops on orders from general Fadroh, who was thirsty to obtain some of Malpercio's power and may have a lust for Melodia as well. As Geldoblame screamed, he fell back into the lava of the caves and was presumed dead as Melodia seized control of the empire, reduced it to rubble, and unleashed Malperico onto the world.

Later after this event however, Malpercio is destroyed, the taint clouds dissolve, all the continents fall back into place on the flourished earth, and the Alfard empire finally saw the ignorance of its ways and became good acquaintances with the other continents, offering help and support. However, Geldoblame had a strong will and the amounts of the End Magnus left in his body left him alive.

Geldoblame, making his final appearance in the the game, with his spirit merging with the earth itself.

Claiming the new untainted earth as his own, Geldoblame made one last attempt to kill Kalas and Xelha. He is initially revealed as a disembodied being floating in the air around Kalas and Xelha while they were in

Moonguile forest before emerging with the very earth to form a semblance of his head where he shot lasers from his eyes, blew flames from his mouth, and controlled the earth. Now utterly and completely insane and diluted, Geldoblame planned to massacre everyone on the planet and reshape it into his image.

Geldoblame dying for good.

Even with all these powers and abilities however, Geldoblame was defeated yet again and destroyed forever as he evaporated into the air and faded out of existence as he screamed one last painful scream, finally ending the murderous reign of terror the mad tyrant had instigated for the past two decades. However, this battle would claim one last victim, Xelha, who succumbed to death, but also led to her releasing the ocean that was sealed within her and cultivating the earth once more into a paradise. Xelha is eventually able to return with the help of the Great Whale, reunites with her friends and true love, Kalas, thus ending Geldoblame's vile plans once and for all along with every other villain within the Baten Kaitos series.

Physical appearance[]

Although his physical appearance varied, the notable parts of him in his human form were his having ginger hair, green eyes, as well as wearing elaborate outfits befitting Alfardian society.

When he was younger, he was slim and wore a blue hat with gold linings, a blue pauldron with gold buttons and collars, striped purple sleeves with white and gold ruffled wrist collars, a red neck scarf, a purple and gold vest with a lower navy portion, a white undershirt that connected to his front thighs possessing yellow patterns, blue tights, and gold and white shoes.

By the time he became Emperor up to his death, he gained a large amount of weight, and primarily wore dress-like robes, with gold wing-like ornaments emerging from behind his back. His hair was also stylized in slight pigtails, and he possessed makeup and lipstick on his face (specifically, white and yellow patterns near his eyes, and a purple and yellow mark on his forehead that was circular in nature). He also wore an elaborate headdress on his head that had a blue top, three gold circles on the top, and a red funnel that possessed on the front an elaborate decal. He also wore gold claw-like gloves on his hands. His robes was composed of various yellow, gold, white, green, blue, purple, and red patterns. Lastly, his boots had elongated soles that were colored blue and gold. He was also implied to wear a purple dress at times.

Upon being transformed by the power of the five End Magnus pieces, he gained a significantly grotesque form, with his legs being replaced by six pink tentacles, his left arm becoming a stinger-like object, his right arm being swollen and gaining an additional finger, feather like objects emerging from his shoulderblades, two protrusions emerging from his chest that resemble female breasts, and his head merging with his torso, being replaced with four beady eyes, two fangs, and a long blue tongue.

When merging with the planet, he appears with white facsimiles of his face within the fabric of reality. After fully merging with the planet, he gains a rough facsimile of his head from within the Earth, complete with a tongue.


When Geldoblame is first shown in Baten Kaitos Origins, he is a polite, well mannered and meaning man, whose only true fault was his obsession with Quaestor Verus. A few times, because of his politeness and well-manneredness during his youth, he at times comes across as flamboyant and slightly effeminate in his manner of speech, which Guillo has noted once by describing Geldoblame afterwards as being a "prissy fellow". Although idolizing of Verus, he apparently did not wish for anyone else to learn about the extent of his obsession, as he later wrote in a letter to Sagi regarding his hospitality to the latter that he not access a certain book in the bookshelf (which is strongly implied to be his Quaesor Verus Scrapbook). It was this obsession that brought out the inner demons of Geldoblame's heart, not only serving as his motivation to incite a paramachina rebellion that murdered hundreds of people, but also caused him to break into insanity when he learned that Verus never saw him as anything more than a pawn. It was also implied that he was completely unaware that Verus had negative and inherently unpeaceful intentions with Alfard and Baelheit's weapon, as when Guillo stated it now knew why it sensed Verus as "disagreeable", Geldoblame told it off and claimed that Verus knew what he was doing and was trying to bring peace to the world, and thanked him for bringing peace to the world, only to end up shocked and horrified when he learned from Verus himself that "peace" was never what Verus had in mind when he did his actions. Despite this, however, he attempted to follow Verus down to aid him in completing his goals (presumably out of lingering loyalty to the Quaestor) before Verus explicitly and cruelly told him he was to be disposed of soon.

When Geldoblame learned that the man he respected, served, looked up to most of his life, and possibly loved was nothing more than a power hungry villain who saw him as an old toy that would soon break, Geldoblame lost all his respectable traits and becomes one of the most heinous and violent villains in the Baten Kaitos Series. With a scarred heart and his new position as Emperor, Geldoblame lost all compassion for everybody and anything, seeing everyone as inferiors and desired to place the entire world under his complete control and authority. His immense lust for power and control turned the empire into an even more ruthless dictatorship that utilized fear to control its populace and thrived on war to expand its rule. 

Feeling worthless after Verus's deception is revealed, Geldoblame became obsessed with proving his worth to the world and would, eventually, plan to conquer it to make himself truly feel that he is worthy of ruling after all. His lust for power and control over all other nations is little more than an extension of his own insecurity in that he always feels worthless and used. As hard as he tried, Geldoblame simply could not forget the actions and words of his former master and lived in a maddened rage and hatred over and over again each and every day, making his sanity more and more thin as the years went on. After nearly two decades of ruling, Geldoblame's rage and hatred turned into a personification of insanity, violence, cruelty, and pure evil on a psychopathic level with not a single ounce of kindness, remorse, or redemption. He was also pitiless and unforgiving towards anyone who might have betrayed him, as he ordered for Georg's assassination at the hands of Giacomo, despite the latter personally desiring to bring Georg back into the fold to continue his experiments. By the time of the events of Malpercio's resurrection, his voice had become somewhat gravelly and rough.

Geldoblame showed his immense disregard for human life by taking the lives of men, women, and children, forced two small orphans to be used in torturous experiments, and destroyed numerous towns and settlements in his quest for power. He saw everyone else around him as pawns in a game for ultimate power, which he freely admitted to Lyude when the latter spoke out against his planned Azha massacre, and had no qualms over enslaving other villages to be worked to the death, used his own people and warped their minds, and desired to resurrect Malpercio to obtain his power for himself and allow the rest of the world to crumble and die a slow, agonizing death as long as that meant he would be its immortal ruler. His megalomania by that point was such that, when revealing his views about his status as Emperor to Lyude, he implied that him being Emperor meant he can make people conduct various actions for him, including find an animal and slaughter it to present him with Torsina meat, regardless of how it is done, at his mere desire, forcing people to work and toil tirelessly to pay taxes at his orders if he demands more money, and would have literally every man, woman, and even children should it suit him fight to the bitter end if he wants to declare war, and that this was the only reason he even allowed humanity to exist at all. Even after his first demise, Geldoblame's anger, hatred, and evil in conjuction with the End Magnus allowed him to come back as an abomination, still set on conquering the world.

Geldoblame is also shown to be very dramatized by past events in his life. His room is decorated with hearts, pink wallpaper, and children toys, including a rubber duck, along with feminine clothing. This hints at a truly disturbed and scarred personality and may also further hint that Geldoblame may be truly warped and utterly insane, haunted by the last words his former mentor and role model said to him before being killed himself. On a related note, the presence of feminine clothing implies that he had crossdressing tendencies, at least after he became Emperor. Even prior to his descent into madness, he nonetheless had a box full of toys at his house, implying that he had a slightly immature mindset even back then.

Geldoblame, while highly sadistic and ruthless, is also shown to be immensely cunning and a brilliant strategist. The best demonstration of his cunning was during his time at Anuenue where he led Queen Corellia to believe that he was merely present at the location as a vacation to take a break from his ruling the Alfard Empire. In reality he was there to gain intel on the kingdom's defenses to see if he could gain the region's End Magnus by force. Moreover when confronted by the protagonists while formally meeting them face to face, he also proceeded to feign ignorance about not only the End Magnus when asked about them, but also acting unfamiliar with Xelha, Gibari, Lyude, and Kalas (though he was genuinely surprised at Kalas's presence due to believing him to be dead earlier, and to a lesser extent admitted he did not expect Giacomo to fail in arresting her). These traits make him even more dangerous and terrifying as he manages to always stay one step ahead of his enemies, something he may have learned from Verus, and come close to victory. Geldoblame's arrogance and overconfidence is what ultimately sealed his fate as he was betrayed yet again by Melodia, whom he never thought would betray him. His lust for power came back to him two fold when the power of Malperico was too much for him, underestimating just what would happen if he released such a demon into the world.

Overall, Geldoblame can be seen at one point as a tragic villain, but his anger, depression, and insecurity ultimately makes him become one the most evil men in Baten Kaitos. While a certifiable genius, Geldoblame was also very psychotic, power hungry, violent, sadistic, and disturbed. His decent into madness and ultimate demise came about from the same mistake; his inability to see that there will always be someone around him who is not truly loyal to him, especially those he looks up to the most or help him the most.

Upon his death, what little of his sanity and restraint he had left was destroyed when his spirit merged with the world, as he constantly emphasized various words in an insane manner, made reference to absorbing various characters as part of his rebirth, constantly laughed insanely and flailed his tongue, and even implied designs to remake the entire universe in his image in addition to that of the planet.


Geldoblame boss Screencap

Magnus Desciption[]

The emperor in his grotesque form, close to becoming the long sought “Perfect Being” after being touched by the power of cursed Malpercio.

Habitat: Lava Caves


HP: 15,000 Weak: Light (+80%) Water (+20%) Wind (+30%) Strong: Dark (-80%) Fire (-20%) Chrono (-30%)


Geldoblame is arguably tougher than the Chaotic Trio. The main reason being, the attack Forfeit Your Life, which, kills you in one hit. The problem is that Geldoblame uses the attack at the start of the battle. That means that unless your party member ends up having some Death-resistant armor in hand and survives, then you're basically screwed. What I recommend is pack all three party members with armor like Shadow Suits and Assassin's Hoods, anything resistant to death. Their Death resistance is guaranteed to help. Also pack and split up all the resurrection magnus you can equip such as using Holy Grails and Sacred Wines immediately on downed party members so you don't stay at a disadvantage. With that aside, Geldoblame is still tough. He uses a five-hit combo, ending with one of three finishers. Seal of Evil is his most deadly, dealing well over 500 damage each turn if unprotected. Poisonous Pollen deals less damage, but it can poison a character. On top of all of this, Geldoblame will use an extra turn to use Divine Seal, which restores his HP by 110. He can use it nearly every turn. Once you get past all of the attacks, you have to deal with his high HP count. His massive weakness towards Light is his real downfall. Pound Geldoblame will Light Magnus, and use Gibari to attack with Water Magnus. Geldoblame while tough, is not invincible, stay alive and flay this emperor like a fish.And if you can take, Wonder MOMO magnus at the first turn, with Kalas, you will survive at Forfeit Your Life attack


Upon defeat it will drop- Shadow Gate (finisher for Mizuti) and Powder Snow Anklet (armor for Xelha).



Baten Kaitos Vs Geldoblame

Geldoblame boss battle


  • In the opening for Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, although he still tries to deny any knowledge of the End Magnus, he gives a lot of obvious clues that he is not actually being sincere in his denials such as clasping his hands and his eyes going erratic.
  • Technically, Geldoblame is the only primary antagonist in the series to actually transform into a monster while still alive (unless one counts the five deities that composed Malpercio or Wiseman), as Melodia does not actually transform into a monster and was simply absorbed by Malpercio; Baelheit was killed in battle without transforming at all, and Verus, while transforming into a monster if one completes certain requirements involving the flashback boss fight against Wiseman, was already dead by the time he transformed.


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