Gemma Village
Gemma, the observant village, is a place located in Duhr. This village, along with Algorab, is inhabited by the Children of the Earth, the race of humans who decided to stay in the earth after the War of The Gods. People here wear masks and float instead of walking thanks to their great magical abilities (although their current powers are nothing compared to the Children of the Earth 1,000 years before). They are optimistic and got used to their lives under the Taintclouds, unlike the people of Algorab. Two leaders of Gemma have been shown: The Great Kamroh I in Baten Kaitos Origins and The Great Kamroh II in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.


Gemma Village throne room
The party gets to Duhr in request of Guillo, beacuse he thinks that the land of the Children of the Earth may have the answers about his life. Krumly in Algorab directs them to The Great Kamroh I in Gemma, who is surprised at seeing Guillo and showes them Seginus, the supposed last Godcraft. The party gets "sucked" into Seginus, where they get a series of flashbacks about the Godcrafts and the War of the Gods, giving Guillo an answer about his existence. After these events, The Great Kamroh I gives his son, Kamroh II, the leadership of Gemma, and goes on a quest for sealing Seginus' power.

Eternal WingsEdit

After exiting the Labyrinth of Duhr, the party goes to Gemma, where they meet Kay and Koh, Mizuti's parents and Kee, Mizuti's friend, and learn more about Mizuti's mysterious powers (they also learn that Mizuti is a girl). They also meet The Great Kamroh II and ask him for help in defeating Malpercio. He tells them about the Sword of the Heavens, a holy artifact that could defeat Malpercio. The party then leaves to Capella, the garden of death, in the search of the Sword of the Heavens. After Malpercio's attack to Duhr, most of Gemma's inhabitants depart to Anuenue, though there were some who preferred to stay.


Great Kamroh I

Great Kamroh II




Mizuti (before departing to the sky)




Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 200 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 200
Mattress Mattress (Origins) 400 Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins) 1000 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins) 1000
Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins) 1000 Flare Element Flare Element (Origins) 2000 Freeze Element Freeze Element (Origins) 2000
Holy Element Holy Element (Origins) 2000 Plasma Element Plasma Element (Origins) 2000 Shade Element Shade Element (Origins) 2000
Versed Shield Versed Shield (Origins) 2500 First Aid Kit First Aid Kit (Origins) 4000 Snow Mail Snow Mail (Origins) 4000
Platinum Shield Platinum Shield (Origins) 4500 Apsu Sophia Apsu Sophia (Origins) 5000 Frozen Sword Frozen Sword (Origins) 5000
Golden Cudgel Golden Cudgel (Origins) 5000 Sublime Garb Sublime Garb (Origins) 5000 Welkinsire Cap Welkinsire Cap (Origins) 6000
Chalice of Freedom Chalice of Freedom (Origins) 10000


Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Flare Element Flare Element (Origins) 1 Freeze Element Freeze Element (Origins) 1 Golden Cudgel Golden Cudgel (Origins) 1
Holy Element Holy Element (Origins) 1 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 1 Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins) 1
Panther Bludgeon Panther Bludgeon (Origins) 1 Plasma Element Plasma Element (Origins) 1 Shade Element Shade Element (Origins) 1
Snow Mail Snow Mail (Origins) 1 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 1 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins) 1
Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 1 Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins) 1 Angel's Helm Angel's Helm (Origins) 2
Canyon Wind Canyon Wind (Origins) 2 Golden Armor Golden Armor (Origins) 2 Golden Helm Golden Helm (Origins) 2
Hidden Sophia Hidden Sophia (Origins) 2 High Potion High Potion (Origins) 2 Mirage Turn Mirage Turn (Origins) 2
Negative Hat Negative Hat (Origins) 2 Pegasus Jump Pegasus Jump (Origins) 2 Platinum Shield Platinum Shield (Origins) 2
Rabbit Dash Rabbit Dash (Origins) 2 Siren Sword Siren Sword (Origins) 2 Sublime Garb Sublime Garb (Origins) 2
Thunderer's Shield Thunderer's Shield (Origins) 2 Alarm Clock Alarm Clock (Origins) 3 Armor of Tonitrus Armor of Tonitrus (Origins) 3
Chalice of Freedom Chalice of Freedom (Origins) 3 Crown of Bubbles Crown of Bubbles (Origins) 3 Efreeti Saber Efreeti Saber (Origins) 3
Fate Idol Fate Idol (Origins) 3 First Aid Kit First Aid Kit (Origins) 3 Frost Cap Frost Cap (Origins) 3
Frozen Sword Frozen Sword (Origins) 3 Herb Flower Herb Flower (Origins) 3 Hot Spring Hot Spring (Origins) 3
Hymnos Kune Hymnos Kune (Origins) 3 Mourning Dress Mourning Dress (Origins) 3 Plasma Blade Plasma Blade (Origins) 3
Shadowflame Engine Shadowflame Engine (Origins) 3 Twelve-Layered Kimono Twelve-Layered Kimono (Origins) 3 Warrior's Scarf Warrior's Scarf (Origins) 3
Welkinsire Cap Welkinsire Cap (Origins) 3 Zelos Kune Zelos Kune (Origins) 3 Heavenlapse Heavenlapse (Origins) 4
Transcension Transcension (Origins) 4
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