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Gena was an Alfardian who once served as a maid under Quaestor Verus. She later fell in love with him and had a child named Sagi, who was taken to be part of Alfard's Malideiter project. Horrified, she quickly rescued her son and fled to Hassaleh.

Once situated there, she raised her son Sagi and opened an orphanage, eventually settling into a quiet, simple life. She is kindhearted and sweet and always worries about others more than herself. Her wings are of unusual size and beauty, and are reputed by her acquaintances to be "the most beautiful in the world."

When Sagi sets out on his adventure she wishes him well despite worrying about him. She is ultimately drawn back into the conflict however, and has her wings forcibly removed to provoke Sagi into revealing his afterling powers. She is left sick and comatose until Sagi, Milly and Guillo travel to the Matar Highlands in the past and recover the Heartenbrace quest magnus. The Heartenbrace strengthens her heart and she recovers by the end of the story.

If one completes the coliseum and purchases Verus' Portrait, it can be shown to Gena for a cutscene.

It is unknown what happened to her or Hassaleh after the end of Origins.

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