Georg Young-portrait

Georg from BKO

Early LifeEdit

A brilliant mechanic who was born in the Azha village in Alfard. From a young age, he was a genius and his inventions caught the eye of the Empire. He fathered a son, Giacomo, who would later join the Imperial army.

He tried to lead a quiet life by relocating from Azha to the Nihal Desert with his equally talented medical friend Larikush. They avoided the Empire for a few years and even met with Sagi, Guillo and Milly, who helped him with an experiment dubbed the Heartflask. What it did was absorb the essence of the one who carried it and was thus a major catalyst for what would become his Divine Child experiment.

Pawn of the EmpireEdit

He would eventually be recruited by Emperor Geldoblame, who tasked him to design many incredible devices for the Empire, including the Empire's Winglets, the battleship Goldoba, and ultimately the Divine Child Fee and his progenitor, Kalas.

He would be forced to do experiments on living beings as well; this resulted in Ayme and Folon. Feeling he had become something he never wanted to be, he faked his death in a fiery explosion and disappeared to Mira with Kalas and Fee, who he raised as his grandchildren.


Georg Old-portrait

Georg in BKEW

However, his past soon caught up with him, and he was killed by Ayme and Giacomo by order of the Emperor, as he had betrayed and abandoned his duty to the Empire. His death along with that of Fee is the catalyst that causes Kalas's quest for vengence in Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.