Glacial Helmet
Glacial Helmet.png
Eternal Wings Magnus
Category Battle
Contains Helmet
Gathering # 0157
Element Water
Found Drop (Vorleg)
Sale Price 568 G
Ages From None
Ages Into None
Usable By Kalas, Gibari, Lyude
In SP Combo None
Spirit #
1-9 (UL) Odds (UR)
Evens (LL) 1-9 (LR)
ATK None
Effect None
Combo # None
Self Target No
DEF 198 (Water 119)
Effect Flames Resistance +30
Combo # 1
For the similarly titled Magnus from Origins, see Glacial Helm.

Glacial Helmet is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Description[edit | edit source]

Said to have existed before humans came into this world, this legendary helmet dates back to the Ice Age, though details remain a mystery.

Eternal Wings Magnus
#0156 Ometeotl Gear #0157 Glacial Helmet #0158 Prominence Helm
Ometeotl Gear.png
Glacial Helmet.png
Prominence Helm.png
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