Greater Mintaka
Greater Mintaka is a city in Alfard, home to the larger population of the Empire. It is connected to Mintaka by the Mintakan Sewers. This is where the Emperor's Residence is located. Compared to Mintaka, which is more industrial and factory-like, Greater Mintaka has fountains, trees and it hasn't pipes expelling Machina Gas everywhere, making it look more like a place for wealthy people.

Role in BKOEdit

After going to Hassaleh, Sagi and friends decide to pay a visit to Quaestor Verus, who lives in Greater Mintaka. Here, they witness Emperor Olgan’s funeral. As Sagi works for Verus a big part of the game, Greater Mintaka serves like some sort of "headquarters" for the group, as they go there to report to Verus after any mission. This is also where Shanath rips off Gena's wings and where Sagi becomes an Umbra.

Role in BKEWEdit

Apparently, when Geldoblame becomes emperor, he replaces Greater Mintaka and builds the lavish and huge stronghold known as the Imperial Fortress. What happens to the residents of the extinct Greater Mintaka is unknown.



Emperor Olgan

Emperor Geldoblame

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