Hassaleh, The Quiet Village


Hassaleh, as it appears in Baten Kaitos Origins before being cut in two

While not one of the Five Great Nations, Hassaleh manages to be home to many Orphans the world over. With its isolation from the outside world it has remained the same for a great many years able to avoid contact/conflict with other nations.


Hassaleh was originally the part of the Age of the Gods. After the War of The Gods Hassaleh was brought into the sky by the bodies of the dead gods that died. Cujam and Atria later became the Sheratan and Nusakan Thornwood known today.

Hassaleh, as it appears in Baten Kaitos Origins after being cut in two



Hassaleh Port- The port of entry to Hassaleh.

Sheratan- The main village, home to Gena‘s Orphanage.

Nusakan Thornwood- A dense forest of thorns and thickets. Also the place that Sagi found Guillo

Lake Botein- Ancient underwater monument fill with monsters and danger.



Notable ResidentsEdit


Tik and Wacho

Sagi (wasn’t born there but spent most of his life there)


  • The portion of Hassaleh that Valara used her Machina Arma to sevre is widely speculated to have become the Celestial Alps due to the mountainous topography and relative location.
  • The name "Hassaleh" is derived from the star Iota Aurigae, located in the constellation of Auriga. This star has many traditional names, like "Alkab", "Kabdhilinan" and "Hassaleh".
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