Insurance Money
Insurance Money
Eternal Wings Magnus
Category Battle
Contains Money
Gathering # 0817
Element Physical
Found None
Sale Price 10000 G
Ages From Large Fire (36 hours)
Ages Into None
Usable By All
In SP Combo 95
Spirit #
(UL) 1-8 (UR)
(LL) (LR)
ATK Can be used when attacking, but nothing happens.
Effect None
Combo # 1
Self Target Yes
DEF None
Effect None
Combo # None

Insurance Money is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.


This money is all that's left after losing everything. Mementos from the past can never be replaced. Still, thank heavens for insurance...

Eternal Wings Magnus
#0816 Pickled Eggplant #0817 Insurance Money #0818 Blue-only Pencil
Pickled Eggplant
Insurance Money
Blue-only Pencil
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