Iron Beetle V
Iron Beetle V Concept.jpg
Eternal Wings Boss
Type Machina
Encountered Castle Elnath
Drops Shadow Cornet (automatic)
Crescent Buckle (automatic)
Experience 430
Picture Iron Beetle V (magnus)
In Battle
HP 1700
AGL 40
Attack 2 card combo
Physical 65
Special Moves Plasma Cannon
4 card combo
Physical 119, Dark 33

1 card combo
(heals self, 1700 HP)
Driving Drill
5 card combo
Physical 148, Fire 45

Defense Physical 28, Dark 7
(0-2 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire -40%
Water +40%
Light +30%
Dark -30%
Status Resistance
All 100

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

An Enormous Imperial Machina Tank. This updated Iron Beetle is 3 times stronger than it’s predecessor.

Area of Manufacture: Alfard Empire

Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

Kalas and Gibari are joined by the Imperial Ambassador Lyude for this battle. The Iron Beetle V is one tough (and big) cookie, and a boss isn't the perfect time to test out a new party member. Lyude is a Dark and Light based fighter, so he is really good during this fight. Use him to dish out the Light Magnus. This monstrous thing has a four- hit combo that ends with Plasma Cannon. It isn't that powerful of an attack though, which is a relief. Kalas most likely doesn't have that many Light or Water Magnus, so he should stick with Wind Magnus or no element at all. Gibari is a Water master, so have him attack with anything he has. Lyude, like I said earlier, has a mix of Light and Dark. Stray from the Dark Magnus and use his neutral and Light Magnus. He has two Light finishers to use against this boss too, so things should go pretty smoothly at first. After damaging the Iron Beetle V significantly, it will use a move called Self Repair. Unfortunately for you, this attack heals all 1700 of its HP.

Iron Beetle V.jpg

That pretty much means that the battle starts over. It can only use Self Repair once every deck shuffle, so make sure to act quickly before it can use it again. After healing itself, the Iron Beetle V will start to use a five-hit combo, which ends with Diving Drill. It is stronger than its previous attack, but Lyude has a good supply of healing Magnus. Continue to pound the Iron Beetle V with more combos and it should go down quite fast. Once you beat the Iron Beetle V, you'll receive a Crescent Buckle and a Shadow Cornet

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