Komo Mai, the city of flowers

Komo Mai, the city of flowers, is the capital of Anuenue. The people in Komo Mai are festive and laid-back and sometimes even oblivious of the problems in the world. Once every thirty years, when The Celestial Tree blossoms, the people of Komo Mai hold a huge festival in which everyone dances in the streets and adorn the city with colorful flowers and ornaments. Komo Mai is also famous for the School of Magic, destination of students from all around the world, and Queen Corellia's Palace.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Sagi, Milly and Guillo arrive at Komo Mai after exiting the Holoholo Jungle, where the Sfida crushed. They go to Corellia's Palace in behalf of Quaestor Verus, who is asking for help in other nations in fighting against promachination. However, Corellia refuses to cooperate, as Anuenue had always stayed neutral in foreign matters. Knowing that they won't convince her, Verus tells Sagi that they should go back to Alfard. After a brief visit to the School of Magic, they get back to Holoholo Jungle, hoping that the repairs in the Sfida are finished.

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Eternal Wings[edit | edit source]

Kalas and his friends get to Komo Mai carrying a letter for Queen Corellia from King Ladekahn, asking for help at stopping Emperor Geldoblame's ambitions. They explain the situation to the Queen, but they are surprised when Geldoblame, accompanied by Folon, interrupts the conversation. He says he is in Anuenue just for vacations, while in reality he is looking for a way to destroy the magic barrier protecting the continent, to enable him to obtain the End Magnus. After denying all the accusations, Geldoblame gets back to Alfard, understanding that he can't make a direct attack to Anuenue as he did in Diadem and orders Folon to kill Kalas. After Geldoblame leaves, Corellia states that she can't help for the sake of keeping Anuenue's neutrallity. However, the group decides to look for the End Magnus without the Queen's help and depart to the Ancient Libray of Magic in their search for clues.


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After Malpercio's revival and the apparition of Cor Hydrae, the leaders of the world gather in Komo Mai for joining forces against the forces of evil. Also, most of the Children of the Earth temporarily stay in Komo Mai after Malpercio's attack to Duhr. At the end of the game, when the continents return to the Earth, a big party is held in Komo Mai.

Upper Komo Mai

Residents[edit | edit source]

Queen Corellia

Shop[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Blue Beans Blue Beans (Origins).png 200 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins).png 200 Red Beans Red Beans (Origins).png 200
Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins).png 200 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins).png 200 Dark Element Dark Element (Origins).png 300
Fire Element Fire Element (Origins).png 300 Ice Element Ice Element (Origins).png 300 Light Element Light Element (Origins).png 300
Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins).png 300 Herb Powder Herb Powder (Origins).png 1000 Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins).png 1000
Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Thunderhead Cloak Thunderhead Cloak (Origins).png 1000 Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins).png 1000
Crystal Helm Crystal Helm (Origins).png 1500 Classic Cudgel Classic Cudgel (Origins).png 1800 Sword of Tears Sword of Tears (Origins).png 1800
Indiglow Cowl Indiglow Cowl (Origins).png 2000 Luciferous Stave Luciferous Stave (Origins).png 2000 Battle Suit Battle Suit (Origins).png 3000
High Potion High Potion (Origins).png 3000 Sedna Mill House Sedna Mill House (Origins).png 3000

Coupon[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Crystal Helm Crystal Helm (Origins).png 1 Helm of Indra Helm of Indra (Origins).png 1 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins).png 1
Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins).png 1 Panther Bludgeon Panther Bludgeon (Origins).png 1 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins).png 1
Tower Shield Tower Shield (Origins).png 1 Versed Shield Versed Shield (Origins).png 1 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins).png 1
Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins).png 1 White Club White Club (Origins).png 1 Apsu Sophia Apsu Sophia (Origins).png 2
Canyon Wind Canyon Wind (Origins).png 2 Fate's Cordial Fate's Cordial (Origins).png 2 High Potion High Potion (Origins).png 2
Kusanagi Kusanagi (Origins).png 2 Pegasus Jump Pegasus Jump (Origins).png 2 Pyre Frock Pyre Frock (Origins).png 2
Rabbit Dash Rabbit Dash (Origins).png 2 Siren Sword Siren Sword (Origins).png 2 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins).png 2
Thor Sophia Thor Sophia (Origins).png 2 Thunder Hat Thunder Hat (Origins).png 2 Alarm Clock Alarm Clock (Origins).png 3
Apostolos Apostolos (Origins).png 3 Aqua Camouflage Aqua Camouflage (Origins).png 3 Arabesque Arabesque (Origins).png 3
Brawn Fruit Brawn Fruit (Origins).png 3 Chalice of Freedom Chalice of Freedom (Origins).png 3 Cross Sophia Cross Sophia (Origins).png 3
Evil Mail Evil Mail (Origins).png 3 Fate Idol Fate Idol (Origins).png 3 Firedrake Regalia Firedrake Regalia (Origins).png 3
Heat Camouflage Heat Camouflage (Origins).png 3 Heavenbolt Wrap Heavenbolt Wrap (Origins).png 3 Hot Spring Hot Spring (Origins).png 3
Lightning-Brewed Tea Lightning-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Marvelous Sword Marvelous Sword (Origins).png 3 Rising Condor Rising Condor (Origins).png 3
Scarlet Crown Scarlet Crown (Origins).png 3 Sigil Cry Sigil Cry (Origins).png 3 Spirilight Quiver Spirilight Quiver (Origins).png 3
Trigon Band Trigon Band (Origins).png 3 Wickedwing Revels Wickedwing Revels (Origins).png 3


  • Komo Mai is derived from the Hawaiian phrase, "E Komo Mai" which translates to "Welcome".
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