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Larikush art illustration

Larikush is a doctor in Cebalrai who helps out Kalas in the beginning of the his adventure in Sadal Suud. An old friend and companion of Georg during their time in Azha and while working for Emperor Geldoblame.

Born in Azha, he and Georg worked as partners in a cave in the Nihal desert. Among their projects was the development of the Heartflask, a magnus that changes in response to contact with human hearts. In the epilogue of Origins, Geldoblame calls upon the services of Georg and, presumably, Larikush. They were given the task of discovering the true nature of magnus and magna essences so that Geldoblame could use them to achieve eternal life.

They approached this task by first investigating into the difficulty in storing and restoring the magna essence of living creatures. After hitting a wall, they refocused by attempting to do the reverse: instead of storing outside life in a magnus, they would create life out of one. The result was Kalas who, due to the method of his creation, was "excessively human", resulting in him being born with but one wing of the heart.

They were able to use the data gathered from creating Kalas to try again, managing to create Fee three years later. Three years after that, Geldoblame declared the project a success and ordered the termination of Kalas. Larikush insisted to Georg that they were the boys' parents and thus needed to take responsibility. Georg agreed, and faked their deaths in an explosion that burned down their lab.

They planned to live together in Mira but spent some time in the Celestial Alps. Georg and Larikush built a cabin near the summit. In time, they moved to Balancoire but Larikush didn't stay long, ultimately moving out and losing contact. He went on to become a doctor in Cebalrai and a respected member of the community.

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