Rodolfo's estate, as it appears in the Baten Kaitos series

Lord's Mansion (as it's referred to in Eternal Wings) or Rodolfo's Estate (as it's referred to in Origins) is a location in Pherkad and acts as a dungeon to the player in both games.

History[edit | edit source]

Like the rest of Pherkad, this towering mansion is an ancient building made of stone and covered in moss. It acts as the home of Rodolfo during the events of Origins. While infiltrating it, Sagi and company must fight Giacomo for the third time. Twenty years later it is referred to as the Lord's Mansion after Rodolfo cements his rule over Sadal Suud. Xelha is captured and detained here by Giacomo and later rescued by Kalas.

Rodolfo's office in his estate

The manor's Roof Garden

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