Lord of the Winds
Lord of the Winds.jpg
Eternal Wings Boss
Type Guardian
Habitat Shrine of the Winds
Drops Coral Plant (automatic)
Magic Pen (automatic)
Experience 530
Picture Lord of the Winds (magnus)
In Battle
HP 1900
AGL 46
Attack 4 card combo
Physical 129, Wind 53
Special Moves Slashing Winds
4 (or 3) card combo
Physical 123 (or 62), Wind 67 (or 42)

(3 card ver. double-turns before Miraculous Gale)

Miraculous Gale
4 card combo
Physical 125, Wind 69

(causes Sleep)
Poisonous Powder
1 card combo
(causes Poison)

Defense Physical 6, Wind 24
(0-2 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Chrono +80%
Wind -80%
Status Resistance
All 100
For Kalas' level IX Finishing Move, see Lord of the Wind.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

The guardian of the End Magnus seal in Diadem

Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

To make this fight easier ensure your party is around level 13 before entering the battle. Gibari should not be involved in this fight because he has a bunch of Wind Magnus. The Lord of the Winds is sadly, really easy. He can use a five hit combo and Miraculous Gale, which isn't good. The attack can sometimes put you to sleep. Slashing Winds is nowhere near as strong, but he uses this attack a lot more. His attacks can also poison you, but you can use Mineral Water Magnus to keep you from being poisoned. Xelha should deal alot of damage as she has quite a few Chronos Blow Magnus. Lyude is also a good choice, since Lord of the Winds doesn't have any weakness towards Light or Dark. Remember avoid using Kalas's Wind finishers for this fight, and his wind based attacks as well. Remember to heal if needed, and this battle will be won in no time.

Videos[edit | edit source]


Baten Kaitos Vs Lord of the Winds

Boss fight #5

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