Eternal Wings Playable Character
English Voice Actor Thomas Meleski
Japanese Voice Actor Daisuke Kishio
Hometown Mintaka
Age 18
Sex Male
Occupation Ambassador for Alfard
Weapon Brass
Main Element Light
Call me what you will, but I stand only for justice!


Lyude is a major character and party member in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.



Lyude is the illegitimate child of Almarde, formerly of Azha, and Lyuvann, an aristocrat from Mintaka. He was born two years into their affair. Although he considers Almarde his mother, he is unaware of their shared blood, having known her as a foster nurse. The affair is among the reasons his siblings, Skeed and Vallye, resent him.

It is unclear if he knew of his mixed heritage prior to Skeed referencing his "stone-carver's blood", as he identifies Camilla as his mother, even reacting with some surprise to Skeed's statement.

Joining the Party

Two years prior to the events of Eternal Wings, Azha reduced ore shipments, resulting in Geldoblame's ire. He ordered a mass execution of Azhani, to which Lyude protested for Almarde's sake. Spared a court martial by his family's history of service, Lyude was demoted and exiled to Diadem as ambassador.

Lyude first appears in Nashira, where he bemoans the poor relationship between the two countries. Later, when the empire attacks Castle Elnath, he protests both the assertion that Diadem was readying an assault and the attempted assassination of Ladekahn. He joins the party to fend off the Iron Beetle V.

At the Shrine of the Winds, he gives the Le End Magnus to Ayme while "under a powerful form of hypnosis". This furthers his misgivings with regards to his homeland, leading to his permanent addition to the party.

The Empire

Lyude is often the first to come to conclusions regarding the empire, such as identifying Savyna as an imperial soldier and naming Folon. He is highly cognizant of his social standing within the context of his background and environment, particularly where it concerns the perceptions of his allies.

Upon returning to Alfard, he takes the party to his family's house to rest and gather information, whereupon Almarde dies defending him from Skeed and Vallye. All three would later show up amongst the phantoms conjured by Rampulus to torment Lyude.

At the Victory Banquet, Kalas persuades Lyude to rebuild Alfard as one of the leaders of the new world. In the end credits, Lyude is shown aiding in the reconstruction efforts.


Lyude attacks in battle using Sound Shock Guns, modified from various Brass instruments. All of his offensive Magnus fall under either Physical, Light, or Dark elements. Since most bosses and a sizable chunk of monsters fall under either Light or Dark elements, Lyude can be an effective party member for exploiting elemental weaknesses.

Offensive Magnus

As mentioned, Lyude attacks using Brass.

Brass Magnus
Krone Horn Krone Horn Assault Trumpet Assault Trumpet Shining Horn Shining Horn Shadow Cornet Shadow Cornet
Snake Tuba Snake Tuba Magnum Cornet Magnum Cornet Devil Eupho Devil Eupho Brilliant Horn Brilliant Horn
Indra Horn Indra Horn Veda Cornet Veda Cornet Saxoflare Saxoflare Asura Tuba Asura Tuba
Golden Bugle Golden Bugle Saxolauncher Saxolauncher Glint Cornet Glint Cornet Hades Horn Hades Horn
Varna Horn Varna Horn Agni Tuba Agni Tuba Ravana Pet Ravana Pet Shining Trumpet Shining Trumpet
Brahma Eupho Brahma Eupho Vishnu Vishnu

Defensive Magnus

Lyude, like Gibari and Kalas, can use only Armor Magnus, Helmet Magnus, and Shield Magnus, however the number of shields he can use is notably fewer, and he also misses out on a few armors.

Armor Magnus Helmet Magnus Shield Magnus
Leather Jacket Leather Jacket Power Helmet Power Helmet Buckler Buckler
Ice Armor Ice Armor Calm Helmet Calm Helmet Round Shield Round Shield
Flame Mail Flame Mail Infinity Mask Infinity Mask Flame Shield Flame Shield
Chain Mail Chain Mail Shagreen Helmet Shagreen Helmet Scale Shield Scale Mail
Shadow Suit Shadow Suit Flame Helmet Flame Helmet Clock Shield Clock Shield
Flash Armor Flash Armor Brave Knight Helm Brave Knight Helm Tempest Shield Tempest Shield
Heat Jacket Heat Jacket Ruffian Mask Ruffian Mask Coffin Shield Coffin Shield
Crystal Mail Crystal Mail Gleaming Helm Gleaming Helm Burning Shield Burning Shield
Half Plate Half Plate Viking Helmet Viking Helmet Flugel Shield Flugel Shield
Chronos Armor Chronos Armor Crystal Helm Crystal Helm Scale Mail Scale Mail
Aqua Jacket Aqua Jacket Phoenix Helm Phoenix Helm
Efreeti Suit Efreeti Suit Full Helm Full Helm
Skull Mask Skull Mask Sacred Helm Sacred Helm
Full Plate Full Plate Mithril Helmet Mithril Helmet
Chaos Mail Chaos Mail Aurora Aurora
Holy Armor Holy Armor Ometeotl Gear Ometeotl Gear
Dragoon Gale Dragoon Gale Glacial Helmet Glacial Helmet
Prominence Helm Prominence Helm
Golden Helm Golden Helm

Finishing Moves

If you would like to escape, now is the time!


Lyude's finishing moves alternate between the Light and Dark elements. Of note is the fact that his Light based Finishing Moves involve Lyude shooting his gun at the enemy, whereas his Dark based Finishing Moves involve Lyude directly striking the enemy. Lyude refers to his Finishing Moves as "Extreme Attacks" and, keeping with the theme with his musical weapons, all of his Finishing Moves are named after musical terms. They are as follows:

Level I- Overture, a Light elemental attack. Lyude shoots a single laser at the enemy. Overture
Level II- Concerto, a Light elemental attack slightly stronger than Overture. Lyude fires machine gun shots at the enemy. Concerto
Level III- Sforzando, a Dark elemental attack. Lyude punches the enemy several times. Sforzando
Level IV- Diminuendo, a Dark elemental attack. Lyude shoots himself into the enemy. Diminuendo
Level V- Intermezzo, a Light elemental attack. Lyude throws a mine at the enemy, then shoots the mine, causing it to explode. Intermezzo
Level VI- Crescendo, a Dark elemental attack. Lyude kicks the enemy several times. Crescendo
Level VII- Rhapsody, a Light elemental attack. Lyude traps the enemy inside a holy seal. Rhapsody
Level VIII- Presto, a Dark elemental attack. Lyude propels himself into the enemy with his gun, very similar to Diminuendo. Presto
Level IX- Finale, Lyude's ultimate finishing move. It is Light elemental. Lyude blasts the enemy several times with a massive turret. Finale

Equipment Magnus

Earring Magnus
Dark Red Earrings Dark Red Earrings Glass Earrings Glass Earrings
Ruby Earrings Ruby Earrings Silver Earrings Silver Earrings
Emerald Earrings Emerald Earrings Gold Earrings Gold Earrings
Amethyst Earrings Amethyst Earrings Flashy Earrings Flashy Earrings
Skull Earrings Skull Earrings Platinum Earrings Platinum Earrings

Class Up Magnus

Heartlight Candle - Raises class to Level IV Heartlight Candle Platter of Parting - Raises class to Level V Platter of Parting
Jasper Gem - Raises class to Level VI Jasper Gem


Battle Start

  • "Be careful, everyone."
  • "I will not cower!"
  • "I will not lose this battle!"
  • "If you want to escape, now is the time!"
  • "I don't know if you're brave or foolish!"
  • "Let's begin!"
  • "Do not get in our way!"

Battle End

  • "I'm speechless."
  • "That was too easy."
  • "That was invigorating!"
  • "That was a lucky victory."
  • "Is everyone all right?"
  • "The result of an obvious difference in ability."
  • "Quite a thrill, I must say."
  • "That was quite simple."

Item: Other

  • "This is for you!" (ally)
  • "You need this!" (ally)
  • "Use this!" (ally)
  • "I've got you!" (foe)

Item: Camera

  • "Show me a smile!"
  • "Give me your best smile!"
  • "I've got you!"

Item: Voice

  • "What's wrong? Feeling a bit sluggish, are we?"
  • "Come and get me!"
  • "You must be in a mad panic!"
  • "I've battled flies with more spunk!"
  • "You must be joking!"
  • "Looks like I don't need to fight too earnestly!"
  • "This is boring!"
  • "Time for the fat lady to sing!"

Finishing Moves

  • "This attack will be quick and effective! Extreme Attack: Overture!"
  • "Ready for the other side? Extreme Attack: Overture!"
  • "I won't let you get away with that! Extreme Attack: Overture!"
  • "Repent of your crimes! Extreme Attack: Concerto!"
  • "Let justice prevail! Extreme Attack: Concerto!"
  • "Rest in peace. Extreme Attack: Concerto!"
  • "This will cleanse the evil out of you! Extreme Attack: Sforzando!"
  • "You won't live to see the light of day! Extreme Attack: Sforzando!"
  • "Time to judge the wicked! Extreme Attack: Sforzando!"
  • "My attacks are consistent and effective! Extreme Attack: Diminuendo!"
  • "Ready for the other side? Extreme Attack: Crescendo!"


  • "No, you don't!" (defense)


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