Lyuvann screencap

Lyuvann is an Imperial soldier given a mission in Azha Village: to locate the Mourning Mistral. He is a cold and unhappy man when he comes to the village, but his demeanor changes as he meets and fall in love with the young and beautiful red haired Almarde.

This leads to an affair which causes the death of his proud wife, Camilla, back home in Alfard once she finds out. He also happens to be the Father of two high-born purebred Empire citizens: Skeed and Vallye.

As a pure blood he was forbidden to marry anyone from any other nation or he would be stripped of his rank and file. As a result, even after his wife's death he could not marry Almarde and when she had their son Lyude, they decided it best to pass her off as a nurse maid so as not to attract attention. He, however, soon died, leaving his love and son to deal with life in the cold Alfard.

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