The Machina Vanguard are a special unit under the direct control of Shanath with the specific purpose of destroying/capturing Malpercio's Afterlings and the Pro-Machination the other islands. Each member is individually skilled and a capable hand to hand combatant yet they are each trained to pilot a personalized Machina Arma which gives them enough power to cut the floating continents in half.






Machina Vanguard Boss fightEdit

MAchina van

Machina vanguard illustration from Baten Kaitos Origins

Boss Nasca, Valara, Heughes

Basic InformationEdit

The lead soldiers in Baelheits ambitions of Promachination

Habitat: Diadem cloud vents



HP: 3100 Weak: none Strong: Physical


HP: Weak: none Strong


HP: Weak: none Strong

Exp: 1567 Tp: 1267 Gold: 1050

Special AttacksEdit

Machina Formation- which is roughly about 700 damage to one character, though i wouldn't worry as it only hits one character and slows all three of them down, plus they can't chain it to a combo.

Gashprin Salve- Nasca uses this to HEAL his comrades for about 650-750 HP

Stun Grenade- Nasca attack about 180 damage, knockdown and blind Deathdealer- Valara's attack doing about 450 damage.

Machina Fist-, Hughes rarely used, attack does about 330 damage.

Boss FightEdit

This fight is similar to the Chaotic Trio battle. In similar fashion it is arguably the hardest fight in the game.

I would recommend being around or above Level 19 for everyone. That's probably enough to get you through this. If you've manged to get this far without Ex combos now is the time to learn you cannot win this battle without them.

You should take these three out in the order they're presented: Nasca, then Valara, then Heughes. Why Nasca first? Because he's the healer. Just throw everything at him despite his resistance to elemental attacks. When you're done with him, make sure you heal yourself as much as possible, because Valara is the strongest of the three.

With a member down there's no Machina Formation anymore, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. She's a little strong against lightning and a lot of HP, though once your healing yourself constantly you have nothing to worry about. With a little luck Valara will go down while you still alive all three of your heroes alive. Once your facing only Heughes you're in the clear. His attacks are pitiful, he rarely uses specials plus he's slow. He's weak against elements, making him a very quick finish. Try not to let your HP sink below 400 if you can help it always heal and you will emerge victorious.


Baten Kaitos 2 Machina Vanguard vs heroes

Baten Kaitos 2 Machina Vanguard vs heroes

Valara and co. boss fight