Magic is a force learned by mankind from before the time of the gods perhaps from Antiquity. In Baten Kaitos, it is used to perform powerful offensive spells in combat.


It is unclear exactly when human beings first discovered magic but it is known to have reach its most potent state during the time of the gods more than 1000 years ago.

Power to rival GodsEdit

During ancient times people became so powerful in the use of magic that they were called Gods. Five siblings Seph, Pieda, Ven and Thoran along with the Ancient Wizards, Wiseman and the Dark Brethren are counted among the most powerful. Magic helped create a world of peace and harmony.


Sometime after the downfall of Malpercio. Magic became less potent and less used by the hands of mankind as technology and farming become the ways of life.


1000 years after the fall of Malpercio, powerful magic users rivaling the Ancient Wizards and Malpercio arise, such as Xelha and Mizuti. The Children of the Earth also return with their diminished power and another battle ensues. This, coupled with the Magic school and barrier of Anuenue, can be seen as the reawakening of magic in the Baten Kaitos world.


For information see Elements.

Magic SpellsEdit

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