A byproduct of the late Emperor Olgan's scheme to produce a "man-made Spiriter", a Malideiter is a person infused with a shard/body part of the long dead God Malpercio. Since only some of the body parts were sealed in the End Magnus, the remaining parts could be used to create Malideiters. In theory, what Emperor Olgan planned was to create a powerful heir by granting him incredible power through this infusion. It was hoped that once this technique has been mastered, a Malideiter would be more potent than a normal Spiriter.

The experiments are seen as a failure, but Sagi would prove the emperor's theory right after his death.

List of Known Malideiters

Failed Malideiters

Potential Malideiters

  • Melodia could be considered a Malideiter, as a fragment of the Bo End Magnus bonded itself to her heart when Duke Calbren used it to resurrect her, and she can hear its voice and tap into its power.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Malideiter may originate from the German comparative term 'vermaledeiter' meaning greatly damned or cursed.
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