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Name Malpercio
Gender Male
Battlestyle/Job Class Ancient God of Destruction, Fallen Angel, Demon, Dark Brethren
Hometown Alfard
Age Over a thousand years old
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Voice Actor Communicates through Melodia and the Dark Brethren
Weapon/Element Sword and Bow and Arrow

The Ancient God of Destruction who sought to conquer the world and bring it into an endless time of pain and suffering. Though he destroyed the other gods and caused massive chaos and destruction, he was defeated and sealed within the five End Magnus by the Children of the Earth, but his spirit continues to haunt the lives of the people of the sky. As the series progresses, characters learn the truth of this ancient beast and discover that it is the result of a tragic and long history between five siblings and demonic entities, known as the Dark Brethren, the true masterminds behind the beast's rampage, hellbent on bringing chaos and destruction to the world for all eternity through manipulation, deceit, and murder.

A Millenium of Suffering and Planning[]

Evil Seduces The Pure []

According to legend, Malpercio is the Ancient God of Destruction, sealed away a thousand years ago by the ancient Earth Wizards. Based off this tale, in the Age of the Gods, Malpercio appeared and waged war against the people of Cujam and destroyed the other gods in a quest to take control of the world and reshape it into his own image. The Children of the Earth appeared, and with the aid of three sacred artifacts, destroyed Malpercio, separated its body into pieces, and sealed away the five most powerful portions into End Magnus.

The smaller pieces were discarded, although they still contained enough power to bind to a living creature and become an afterling. The Children of the Earth severed the tainted Earth into five continents; each was kept afloat by a sealed End Magnus with a guardian monster patrolling each one to keep it safe. However, over the course of a thousand years, this legend is revealed to be the product of much confusion as the true story of Malpercio is revealed to be much more complex and tragic, culminating with the struggle of five siblings who were forced to do horrible things under the influence of demons.

These five human siblings were Seph, Ven, Marno, Pieda and Thoran, who sold their souls to the Dark Brethren, demonic entities who barter with humans for their own gains and insidious agenda, in order to stop a being of ultimate power and evil called Wiseman, the original cause of the War of The Gods, who murdered their friends and family in his quest to pro-magnate every living soul. These five called themselves collectively, Malpercio, named after the hill they grew up on playing.

The Malpercio siblings as humans as depicted in promotional art

Unknown to the siblings, the Dark Brethren were amongst the most foul, evil, and cruel entities in all existence and have been building up a massive and demonic army throughout the years, all comprised of strong and powerful individuals who have bartered with them and had their souls and bodies re-manifested as monstrosities. Their one, true goal was to accumulate massive amounts of power from the negative energies and feelings of their victims and unleash them as their armies into the world in order to bring about the end of the entire realm and the massacre of all mortals for their own personal enjoyment.

As the core essence of the Brethren is not bonded to any physical shape, the entities need to possess other individuals to achieve a physical presence within the world to embark on their schemes for destruction. To this end, the five siblings were judged by the Brethren as having so much power, that they would become the window to their minds and power to lead their armies years later once their plans and power reached their peak.

War of The Gods[]

Wiseman eventually readied a massive army comprised of thousands of his followers, all of whom were being controlled by the villain's seductive powers, and Black Dragons as he sought to convert all living souls to magnus to be absorbed into his being. When the siblings confronted Wiseman's forces, the Dark Brethren's influence took command of the siblings' minds and bodies to enact their own agenda of violence without the siblings truly knowing what was occurring.

Malpercio, waging war on the planet under the Dark Brethren's influence

It was then that the five siblings realized that the deal they made with the demonic entities was a mortally fatal decision as the Brethren planned from the very beginning to use the siblings as pawns in their ultimate desires for destruction. The siblings became uncontrollable killing machines that slaughtered millions within the war, destroyed the other gods, and caused immense devastation at the Brethren's behest, only gaining their composure after the incredible carnage.

Looking over a sea of blood and corpses, the siblings were horrified at what they had done, even if they had no control over their actions. Towards the end of the war, they were killed by the Children of the Earth, who ironically failed to kill Wiseman as they believed Malpercio was the bigger threat, while Wiseman himself was eventually put out of commission by Sagi, Guillo, and Milly, who traveled back in time from the future in their own quest.

Despite losing and never achieving what they bartered for, the five siblings still had to give their souls over to the Dark Brethren as they agreed and the price was absolute. The Brethren had much bigger and complex plans for the siblings over the next thousand years and manipulated countless more individuals to ensure that Malpercio and their power returned in an even more horrific war to conquer the world and throw it into the depths of destruction forever.

Despite not being seen as the catalyst behind Malpercio's rampage, the Children of the Earth still recognized the Brethren as an active participant within the war and had their stronghold, Zaurak Keep, banished to an alternate dimension, with the stronghold later being known as Cor Hydrae, after a brutal battle with the aid of several surviving, human soldiers. Despite their exile, the Brethren had already made schemes to return in full force.

With the Brethren's threat temporarily neutralized, The Children of the Earth next divided the siblings' bodies into the five End Magnus, and scattered the pieces across the land with the power of the Dark Brethren keeping portions of the earth containing the End Magnus floating, now known as the five continents. As the power corrupted their souls, the five siblings became demons of darkness forced to bend to the will of the Dark Brethren. The End Magus itself would serve as portals to the Brethren's power and would seep through into the real world to manipulate the course of events in the future to achieve the Brethren's goals and ensure of their return to the physical dimension.

This reveals that Malpercio was simply made up of five siblings who tried to stop a great evil known as Wiseman and later fell under the control of the Dark Brethren. Thus, Wiseman and the Dark Brethren were the true instigators of the War of the Gods, but their crimes were never recorded due to all the confusion in the course of the war. The legend itself would be incorrectly retold over the years into a tale in which the siblings were described as having unleashed the Dark Brethren into the war rather than being manipulated by them. Over the years, the Brethren's control over the siblings transforms their souls and bodies into grotesque creatures with the ultimate goal of commissioning both sets to reform Malpercio as a demonic god under their control.

Afterlings and the Malideiter Project[]

As life on the continents began to take root over the years, with the nature of the continent taking the shape of elements that were indicative of the specific power that each sibling God possessed within the End Magnus that kept the land afloat, it wasn't long before power hungry individuals sought to use the energies of Malpercio for their own designs.

Specifically, the Alfrad Empire, led by the ruthless Emperor Olgan, located many of the leftover body parts of Malpercio, which began to attach themselves to living tissue in order to survive and resurface, and were eventually classified as Afterlings. As these body parts were also derived from the five siblings after they were corrupted by the energies of the Darth Brethren and subsequently torn apart by the Children of the Earth, these body parts also took the shape of monstrosities bent on death and destruction. The more anger and fear that is fed to these afterlings through their hosts, the stronger they become, due to the demonic nature of the Brethren empowering them.

Olgan soon initiated a set of experiments that entailed forcibly binding these pieces to human hearts in order to create a man-made spiriter; these experiments would become known as the Malideiter Projects. Olagn's true goal was to turn his son, Shanath, into such a person in order to ensure that his empire will be left in good hands upon his death. The project was headed by Lord Baeheit and manipulated by Quaestor Verus, who had plans of his own to use the experiments to breed strong individuals for his use years later, with hundreds of abducted test subjects being used in the experiments, from adults to newborn infants.

However, not everyone has the will to accept such power within their heart and soul, as with the case of Shanath, whose body rejected the afterling, while still retaining some of its power, and one test subject in particular, who went into a maddened panic and completely destroyed the research facility and many lives within it. After these incidents, Olgan cancelled the project, had the remaining test subjects quietly released to hush up these events, and grew disgusted with his son for apparently not having enough power to become a spiriter. Shanath in turn grew to despise his father and found comfort within employment with Verus, who sought to use the boy as his personal assassin and double agent to carry out his own plans.

While many of the hosts for Malpercio's afterlings would go on to lead normal lives, they would eventually be targeted by both Lord Balehiet and Verus fifteen years later, intent to use their powers for mechanical weapons, known as machina, in a quest to restructure the entire world. The demonic nature of the Dark Brethren would resurface when the hosts would be overcome with rage, hatred, and fear, with the demons feeding off such emotions and feelings to empower themselves again.

One particular malideiter however, known as Sagi, the product of a manipulative relationship between Verus and his servant, the boy's mother, Gena, contained the will power of Marno, one of the five siblings that became known as Malpercio. Sagi grew to become good friends with the god and eventually perfectly assimilated his power with his overall being after overcoming the negative feeling within both of them. While Sagi was manipulated by Verus to find other malideiters to use in his plans, Sagi eventually ruined his plans, as well as Baelheit's ambitions, though not before Malpercio and the Dark Brethren's influence within the physical realm was strengthened by the other afterlings' reemergences.

Similar to the overall being of Malpercio, the afterlings contained the will power of both the Dark Brethren and the five sibling gods, with the current nature and feelings of the hosts dictating which influence would become the dominant one. If the host is filled with negative feelings, the Brethren's influence would take firm hold and shape the host into a form befitting such a demonic presence. If the host becomes more self-aware with the presence within them however, with Sagi the only individual able to do so, then the sibling's will power becomes much more prevalent, to the point that Marno was even able to make contact with his other siblings within the other afterlings several times.

The Struggle for Control[]

It is later apparent however that even though the Dark Brethren were mostly in control of the five siblings, the immense strength in their hearts and bond to one another allowed them to still fight against the Brethren's hold within their demonic imprisonments. This led to an internal struggle within the sibling's bodies and souls as they attempted to regain control with the Brethren fighting to keep their hold on them so they may embark on their plans with no interference. However, the siblings themselves also became blinded by their own anger and hatred towards being sealed, despite trying to destroy Wisman, which the Brethren used to their advanatge to cloud their will power and motivate them to cooperate with their plans. Despite this, the siblings apparently succeed several times in temporarily escaping their hold and even influence Malpercio's demonic form later in life.

One example of the former is when they were able to appear before Sagi, through their respective afterlings that were within the area, during his showdown with Wiseman and encouraging him not to give into the villain's seductive manipulation. Additionally, it is hinted that the machina that were about to attack Sagi on Verus's orders, but destroyed the villain instead, did so because the afterlings that were powering them contained the essences of the other, four sibling gods. As a result, they sensed that their sibling, Marno, who is contained within Sagi and is acting as his guardian spirit, was in danger and they then decided to influence the machina to attack and destroy the man who was attempting to kill their brother.

The five siblings were also able to act through Georg, an inventor from the village of Azha, when he was being influenced by the End Magnus, which contained parts of Malpercio's body, and they were able to influence him enough to create a pure magnus of life in the form of Kalas and Fee, hoping that these two would be their prayer and one day be able to free them and destroy the Dark Brethren once and for all. Giacomo, Georg's ruthless son who also worked for the Empire, revealed that Georg's mother was tainted by the energies of the End Magnus within the Lava Caves of Azha when she ventured down them. It is implied that this influence was then passed off to Georg and was subconsciously controlling a least a portion of his mind, intensifying his studies to create a magnus of life.

However, Geldoblame, shortly after becoming emperor and losing his morality after his master, Verus, betrayed him, abducted Georg, as well as his associate and friend Larikush, in order to exploit his research for his own ends. Specifically, Geldoblame hoped to use the experiments to create an immense army of machinery, discover the secrets of immortality, and study the powers of the End Magnus in preparation for his upcoming plans to harness them and seize complete control over the entire world. Georg and Larikush's research led to the construction of a massive flying fortress, known as the Goldoba, and countless models for machina robots, which Geldoblame used to both tighten and extend his horrid and violent rulership, leading to numerous deaths.

The Dark Brethren also hoped to exploit Georg's work toward to their own designs to create yet another pawn, even in light of the siblings' interference. Some characters even speculated that the Brethren sought to create a worthy opponent for them to fight upon their emergence within the physical realm. Regardless of the intentions of these villains, Georg and Larikush later faked their own deaths, along with Kalas and Fee, after having enough of Geldoblame's tainted ambitions by staging a fire at their research facilities and escaping to the continent of Mira. With Kalas and Fee already within existence, their destinies were then set in stone to be on a collision course with the plans of the Brethren, with their roles meant to determine the true outcome of the war to come years later.

Melodia referencing the power of the Dark Brethren in Eternal Wings

Regardless, the Dark Brethren remained the dominant influence and were able to resume their control and escalate their plans to unleash Malpercio and open a dimensional rift for their armies to transport through in order to bring death and destruction to the world. Planning their return for hundreds of years, the Brethren influenced numerous people into performing their will and play a major role in their return.

It is eventually revealed that Malpercio/The Brethren were controlling the mind of a girl named Melodia, who lived on the continent of Mira, and used her to manipulate Emperor Geldoblame, the mad and power hungry leader of the Alfard Empire, to find and unseal each End Magnus.

Their control over Melodia occurred nine years prior to the start of Baten Kaitos. By sending a plague throughout the land of Mira, the Brethren killed countless people, including Melodia and her parents, and then sent a message through the End Magnus to Duke Calbren, the leader of Mira and the adoptive grandfather of Melodia who was tasked with keeping the magnus secure, to use it to revive his granddaughter. Overcome with grief, the Duke gladly agreed and used the End Magnus to bring back Melodia, unaware that everything was staged by the Brethren to gain control of Melodia as the End Magnus contained their power.

The Brethren choose Melodia as a host because she not only had access to the artifact that sealed each End Magnus, the Earth Sphere, which could also be used to unseal them, but her high social standing and wealth made it easy for her to form relationships with the Alfard Empire, the only organization that had the resources and twisted ambitions to unleash the End Magnus. Using Melodia, they stole the Earth Sphere, infiltrated the Alfard Empire, and gave the sphere to Geldoblame, knowing of his plans to find the End Magnus for his own purposes.

The power crazed emperor was obsessed with acquiring all the End Magnus in order to use Malpercio's power and armies to conquer the world for himself and establish Alfard as a seat of supreme power with control over all continents and beings. However, Geldoblame was unaware that Malpercio was an entity beyond any form of control and would spare no one in its thirst for destruction. Regardless, with Geldoblame's genius level intellect, immense power and resources, and twisted ambitions, he was the perfect pawn for the Dark Brethren and Melodia to manipulate in order to gather all the End Magnus and resurrect their armies and influence in full force.

The Rebirth of Evil[]

Making frequent visits to the empire, Melodia aided Geldoblame in forming complex plans to obtain all the End Magnus while, at the same time, forming close relationships with a fraction of soldiers though a partnership with Fadroh, the Imperial General, with the ultimate intentions of using them to overthrow Geldoblame once he has helped obtain all the End Magnus and finished his part in the nefarious scheme and then seize complete control over Alfard.

The Brethren even took measures to gain control of Kalas to ensure that he will never be the prayer for the siblings inside Malpercio by having Melodia befriend him after his father, Georg, and brother, Fee, were murdered under the orders of Geldoblame and promise him great power if he helped her find the End Magnus. Kalas, who was hungry for both revenge and power, agreed and had a guardian spirit inhabit him with the aid of Melodia, who knew that a guardian spirit would further aid in their plans.

The Brethren soon realized though that the guardian spirit would never agree to their plans and had to come up with a scheme to get the spirit to help. Eventually, they came up with the plan to wipe the spirit's memory clean with a memory loss spell, allowing Kalas to aid in their plans with his guardian helping him, unaware of his true intentions. The plan went perfectly as Melodia wiped the spirits memory clean and Kalas agreed to help in Melodia's schemes for power, unaware of the force guiding her and only desired to use the magnus to kill Giacomo, who was the one who led the attack that took the lives of Georg and Fee, and become a "perfect" entity through the accumulation of power.

Meanwhile, as the Dark Brethren's power continued to grow with their control over Melodia, their dark power began to seep through the other End Magnus as well and into the dimension of mortals. As a result, the nature of the wildlife began to become possessed by the demons' power and became violent and dangerous to approach. As the dimensional barriers began to weaken further, several of the Brethren's monstrosities began to surface as well, leading to all the continents to become swept in confusion and terror, sensing something terrible was soon to come.

As Geldoblame poured all of his resources into obtaining all five of these incredible End Magnus cards, Melodia sent Kalas on his journey to find clues to their locations. In truth, The Dark Brethren knew that, somewhere across the five nations, were five heroes that were necessary to their ultimate plans of resurrecting Malpercio and taking control of their powers to upgrade the demonic entity into a true god. True to their prediction, Kalas was eventually joined by Xelha, Gibari, Lyude, Savyna, and Mizuti, five heroes who were all scorned by Geldoblame's vicious plans and actions throughout the years and joined together to stop his vile ambitions once and for all.

As Geldoblame and Melodia made their plans to secure each of the amazing cards, Melodia also counted on Kalas and his group of friends to lead them to the End Magnus and grow stronger with each trial, victory, defeat, and journey. Through these endeavors and trust with one and another, the heroes would soon gain an incredible amount of power and skill, nearly the perfect amount to serve as substance for Malperico once the End Magnus have been gathered.

Once two of the End Magnus cards were in Geldoblame's possession, he visits Melodia and informs her that Kalas and his group were able to obtain the third one on Anuenue. Melodia was unshaken by this setback, with Geldoblame unaware of her pact with Kalas, and advises him to concentrate his efforts on obtaining the End Magnus in Alfard, while she concentrates on gathering the one in Kalas's possession. Geldoblame agrees and dispatches Giacomo, Ayme, and Folon, to Mira to obtain the End Magnus there, with Melodia agreeing to a fake kidnapping scheme to aid the trio.

Melodia then takes a personal visit to the town of Parnasse, the confectionery village where she knows Kalas and his friends are located. There, she pretends to stumble in front of Kalas, who helps her, to create a diversion where Kalas slips her the End Magnus he obtained from Anuenue. With the third one in her possession, she allows Giacomo to abduct her and gives him the End Magnus to be transported to Alfard and into Geldobame's greedy hands. Once Kalas and his group find her, a demon from The Dark Brethren's dimension is released due to the seal weakening from three of the End Magnus being unsealed. Though the heroes are able to defeat the monstrosity, it is only after Melodia communicates to it that it yields and returns to its dimension, telling it that it is not yet time.

Malpercio's incomplete form, configured from the corrupted body parts of the sibling gods.

While the heroes are confused at this turn of events, it was The Dark Brethren who were truly controlling the creature as it was a legion from their army and were able to communicate to it through Melodia. Melodia would then invite the heroes to her mansion, where Giacomo would break into and steal the fourth End Magnus while Ayme steals the Earth Sphere from Xelha. This gave Geldoblame everything he needed to unseal the final End Magnus and complete his plans; Melodia knew that the time for her moment was soon.

After the heroes concluded that the final card was situated in Alfard, Melodia takes them there in her ship under the facade that she is visiting her friend Fadroh, the commander of the Alfard army who was also being used by her. As the heroes went to stop Geldoblame, Melodia had a cup of tea with Fadroh and prepared his forces to betray and take down Geldoblame once all the End Magnus have been released.

After numerous trials and plans, all the End Magnus were released by the Alfard Empire, and Geldoblame baths in the power of Malpercio, transforming him into a monster that reflected his greedy and malicious ambitions. Geldoblame's troops fled from him as he engaged Kalas and his friends, confident that his new-found power would ensure his victory and he would be able to conquer the entire world. With all the magnus unsealed, the barrier between dimensions tore open as the resting place of the Brethren, Cor Hydrae, was released and unleashed an army of monsters and demons onto the world.

Engaging Kalas and his friends in a brutal battle, Geldoblame displays amazing, new abilities courtesy of Malpercio's power and nearly defeats the heroes. However, the collective might of the group is able to just barely defeat the crazed emperor once and for all, much to the villain's disgust and disbelief.

Upon his defeat however, Geldoblame lost control of his body due to Malpercio overtaking him, much to his surprise. It was then that Melodia revealed herself along with Fadroh, who was seduced by Melodia and has been working with her for quite sometime in their own plans for power and war. Melodia revealed her plans to unleash Malpercio herself and plunge the world into war to wipe out all mortals.

Geldoblame soon realized the horrifying and ironic reality that he had simply been a pawn and used yet again just as he had been twenty years prior by his former master, Quaestor Verus. Humiliated and broken again, he was then gunned down by his troops on orders from general Fadroh, who was thirsty to obtain some of Malpercio's power and may have had a lust for Melodia as well. Geldoblame fell back into the lava of the caves and was presumed dead. Kalas then reveals his betrayal to his companions and agrees to absorb the essence of Malpercio from the End Magnus cards to finish his own agenda of gaining power and becoming a perfect entity in his own eyes.

As Kalas bathed in its power, he became another pawn to the Brethren as Melodia has her guards arrest Xelha and the rest of the group and informed them that her control over Geldoblame's plans and the release of the End Magnus was just the beginning of the Brethren's true goal; to incite a war to eradicate all mortals. Melodia then seized control of the Alfard Empire with the aid of the demonic entities released from Cor Hydrae and Fadroh's platoon of soldiers, reduced it to rubble, turned the soldiers into creatures of darkness, and used the Imperial Fortress as the staging grounds for Malpercio's rebirth. She began sending waves of the mutated soldiers to attack the citizens of Alfard, murdering countless soldiers, men, women, and children.

However, as the End Magnus represented only portions of the demon god's power, Malpercio was not truly revived until he took control of the powers of Kalas, Xelha, Gibari, Lyude, Savyna, and Mizuti. This was accomplished by transporting each hero into one of the dimensional cracks that appeared when Cor Hydrae was unsealed and then imprisoned each within sacred chambers that the Brethren constructed over the years in order to allow the heroes become one with the continents.

By placing each hero in these cracks, they allowed them to gain a unique relationship with the continents and the End Magnus which, in conjunction with the skills and abilities they accumulated through their long journey, granted them power comparable to that of the gods. Once that occurred, Melodia lured all the heroes to the Imperial Fortress, now under her complete control, to enact the next part of her sadistic scheme. Xelha and her friends were able to destroy Fadroh and many of the mutated guards and made their way into Melodia's sanctuary, where Melodia ordered Kalas to destroy them all.

By this point, it was clear that Kalas was tricked by Melodia into absorbing the End Magnus to become "perfect", but her assistance was simply a scheme to turn Kalas into the Brethren's slave. Xelha attempts to stop them with the Ocean Mirror, but Melodia destroys it and finally takes control of all the continental power within the heroes.

Once this power was in place, Malpercio was able to gain control of the continental energies, neutralized them, and used them to connect all the End Magnus, a patchwork of divine limbs and body parts, together and was reborn as a grotesque creature of darkness under the Brethren's command. Melodia then ordered Kalas to wipe out all his former friends.

Due to his immense willpower as a being of pure magnus however, Kalas was able to fight against this hold and returned back to normal, now a redeemed, young man ready to stop Malpercio. Malpercio, his powers not fully restored yet, leaves to his demonic fortress, Cor Hydrae, to oversee the Brethren's armies from as originally planned over a millennium ago.

The Second War and Ultimate Showdown[]

From within the depths of Cor Hydrae, Malpercio unleashed waves of monsters onto the world and started the second war, eventually attacking the Children of the Earth personally, killing countless people and destroying a large portion of the Children's civilization. While Kalas and his friends attempt to destroy him with the Sword of the Heavens, Melodia destroys the blade and escapes with Malpercio back to Cor Hydrae. There, Malpercio continues to send demons and monsters into the world, killing millions and causing countless disasters and atrocities.

Demonic entities of all types began to surface under Malpercio's command and attacked the continents. Resurrecting the crashed Goldoba into a flying fortress of darkness, Malpercio left it in the control of a demon that resurrected those who fell in Malpercio's attacks into tortured souls and ghosts under his command, feeding off the negative energies of their suffering to grow stronger.

This particular demon soon began to target Lyude and used the imprisoned souls of his foster nurse, brother, sister, and commanding officer to break his morale and feed off his negative energies in order to weaken him and destroy him and his group. Lyude, however, was able to fight back through increased confidence and morale and utterly destroyed the demon and released the souls of his loved ones and past colleagues, all of whom thanked Lyude and applauded his strength with his brother and sister finally realizing the error of their ways.

The bodies of the Azha massacre that were thrown into the lava caves were tainted by the power of the End Magnus and resurfaced as monsters as well, attacking Azha and its people. With the aid of Savyna and the Mad Wolf Unit, who had given up their allegiance to Geldoblame and the Empire, Kalas and his group were able to destroy the monstrosities that held the bodies of the deceased and allowed their souls to finally rest in peace; Savyna had finally found the redemption that she had been looking for.

Monstrosities still held most of the continents in a strangled hold, however as the war raged on and more people were claimed by the darkness. Kalas and his friends, however were able to continuously wipe out large numbers of Malpercio's army and infiltrate Cor Hydrae and defeat the five souls of the siblings that were imprisoned in the demonic fortress. As the heroes finally reached the inner sanctum of the fortress, Melodia remained calm as she unleashed Malpercio upon them once again.

However, much to the disbelief and annoyance of Melodia, Kalas and his crew proved to be victorious once again as the remaining leaders of the continents arrived. Queen Corellia informed Melodia that Malpercio cannot truly be resurrected as too much of the beast's power has been sapped throughout the years and the reconstruction of his former power cannot be accomplished by mortal means. Duke Calbren then finally revealed the truth to his adoptive granddaughter; that he himself once used the End Magnus to bring her back from the dead and filled her with the Dark Brethren's power as a result.  

Shocked at this news, Melodia finally realized the truth that she herself has been nothing more than a pawn to Malpercio and the Dark Brethren, with the dark entities having planned everything from the very beginning over a thousand years ago. Losing the last remnants of her sanity by this revelation, Melodia accepted her fate as a pawn to the darkness and allowed the Brethren to have complete control over her will, body, and actions. Left with no other choice to fulfill the Brethren's plans, Malpercio absorbed Melodia and the souls of the five gods to complete his transformation and became a demonic god with a soul and mind at his disposal.

Malpercio's final form just moments before the Brethren's ultimate destruction and the siblings' release

Planning to massacre the planet and reshape it in his image, Malpercio attempted to escape, but Kalas and his crew fought him in a final showdown. He ultimately lost and Kalas was able to pull Melodia out from his body, leaving her perfectly untainted and no longer in the brethren's control.

While trapped in Malpercio's being, the five siblings were able to reach out to Melodia and mentally tell her how to repair the three scared artifacts so that they may be released and the Brethren destroyed once and for all. Using Melodia's instructions to repair the artifacts, Kalas and his guardian Spirit were able to restore the three sacred artifacts, which are then used to destroy Malpercio once again.

To ensure that the madness and anger of Malpercio never returns again, Xelha sealed the demonic energies of the Brethren away using the ocean prayer of her kingdom, Wazn. However, Xelha was able to gain a glimpse into the demon's mental state and finally realized the truth that Malpercio is not made up of five demonic gods as the legends spoke of, but five siblings who were possessed by demonic spirits and used to perform their will.

The five siblings were then finally released from their tortured imprisonments while the Dark Brethren, their legions, and fortress were sucked and sealed into an alternate dimension of pain and suffering for all eternity, hinted to being Hell itself. With this, the taint clouds around the earth dissolved and the five continents were put back in place by the five sibling gods, with the ocean later returning and making the earth moist and rich once again. By the end of the series, Wiseman and the Dark Brethren paid the ultimate price for their crimes and the world was restored to peace.

This meant that after over an entire millennium of suffering, the five siblings were finally able to achieve their goals and were able to rest in peace with their loved ones. In the end, the sibling's prayer in the form of Kalas and Fee was enough to stop the Brethren's malicious plans and finally ended their existence and reign of terror for all eternity.

Personality and Depiction[]

A being comprised of five separate human beings, Seph, Thoran, Marno, Pieda, and Ven, and the demonic energies of the Dark Brethren, Malpercio is the cultivation of two separate groups of beings. In this aspect, Malpercio operates under the influence of two individual mind sets, which attempt to twist the beast's actions towards their desires.

The Dark Brethren are mostly in control of the entity, shown just by its demonic appearance, and fuel its rampage of death and destruction, as well as all the innocent lives it takes. Even still, Malpercio is influenced by the siblings trapped in body and soul within the monstrosity several times throughout the course of the series, essentially leading the beast to committing actions that are in contradiction with each other. On one side is the Brethren, attempting to exhaust the influence of the five sibling gods and bring about a devastating war, and on the other side are the five siblings, who attempt to break free from the Brethren's control and prevent their plans from coming to fruition.

To other characters, this makes Malpercio a truly curious creature, whose motives appear to vary from one time to the next. It isn't until Baten Kaitos Origins that the reason for this is known; that two separate entities exist within Malpercio. While the Dark Brethren seek to use the beast to command their armies and trap the world in an endless war, the five sibling gods seek to aid Kalas and his friends in destroying The Dark Brethren and releasing themselves from their demonic imprisonments.

The Brethren are responsible for most of Malpercio's actions, all of its malicious acts and desires, and are nearly successful in their plans to conquer the world, but the five siblings were able to influence Malpercio just enough to stop the Brethren's malicious plans by influencing Georg into creating Kalas and Fee in order to combat the End Magnus that contains the Brethren's power.

The Dark Brethren are amongst the most foul and evil entities within the Baten Kaitos Series, arguably serving as the ultimate antagonists for the franchise, rivaled only by Wiseman. While other villains value acquiring power or dominance over other lands in a quest for control, the Brethren seek only for the purest form of violence and destruction and bring it to the entire world in an endless war to massacre all mortals.

They are timeless demons who feed off negative feelings and energies to possess other individuals or bribe them with empty promises of wealth and power to ultimately control them. They seem to hold no motive for their plans and simply lust for death and chaos because they are purely evil and exist for the sole purpose of destroying the world and inflicting torture and mutilation on mortals for their own personal amusement.

The five siblings' motives however, are the polar opposite of the demonic entities, as they seek to end the carnage in the world and rest in peace with their loved ones. Due to the corruption of the Brethren, however, who further manipulate the siblings by preying on their negative emotions from being sealed within the End Magnus, the siblings' mission becomes clouded and blinded with the destructive purposes of the beings who hold them within their demonic captivity. Their minds and souls are never lost completely though and continued to fight back against the Brethren's control and influence others into helping them destroy Malpercio in the same way the Brethren use others to perform their will.

In the end, Malpercio is really nothing more than a tool that is commissioned by others to perform their will; a blank slate and puppet that is being controlled by the ultimate forces of good and evil, with the body of Malpercio taken from the five sibling gods and the influence of the Dark Brethren transforming it into a creature of demonic energy. The hearts of the siblings were never completely lost to the darkness however, and kept on fighting back against the demons' control just enough to play an instrumental part in their destruction.

In the end, the siblings and the Brethren are finally separated, with the Brethren being banished to another dimension for all time, along with their armies, and the siblings finally freed to aid in the restoration of the continents into the rich earth once more and leave to rejoin their loved ones in the afterlife. The very creature, Malpercio, along with its varying mind sets, makes it one of the most complex characters in the entire series that cannot be fully understood until all the elements and plot points of the entire series are put together.



Baten Kaitos Vs Malpercio (second battle)

The incomplete Malpercio falls in battle.


Baten Kaitos Vs Malpercio (Final Battle)

Malpercio's True form is defeated and he is finally freed from his eternal suffering.