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Marno from BKO

Marno Ar[]

He is the blue-green-haired sibling whose face remains covered in the opening cinema. In the game, he is revealed to be a great swordsman with little to no magical ability, unlike his other siblings.

It is his essence that becomes trapped in the "Ar" End Magnus, once he and his family are defeated. As revealed in a plot twist, a piece of Malpercio containing the spiritual essence of Marno is fused with the body of a young Sagi in the top secret Malideiter experiment but was released to the outside world after the disastrous accident that forced the project to close down in failure.

1000 years later, he is fought in the form of Sibling God: Ar in Cor Hydrae by Kalas as well.


  • If the player visits Moonguile Forest in Origins, Sagi will comment about the place. Moonguile Forest is the place where the piece of Malpercio related to Marno, Ar, is hidden.
  • His full name would be Marno Ar [Name], where his second name is the name the player has chosen in the name entry screen.