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Name Melodia
Gender Female
Battlestyle/Job Class Magic User
Hometown Mira
Age 15
Eye Color Red, blue after rebirth
Hair Color White, Blue after Rebirth
Voice Actor English- Janica Southwick
Weapon/Element Magic, Dark/Darkness

A beautiful and seemingly delicate young woman, Lady Melodia was immensely respected and looked upon highly everywhere she went. While appearing harmless, Melodia was secretly being guided and manipulated by sinister and demonic forces and facilitates a sinister plot to resurrect the ancient god of destruction, Malpercio, to bring about the end of the age of mortals. Through the course of this manipulation, Melodia lost all sense of sanity and reason and saw the destruction of the entire world as the new age of prosperity.

A Child Born to Great Power[]

The Gods planned everything?...over a thousand years ago?

Lady Melodia is the granddaughter of Duke Calbren. While it is unknown what happened in her youth or who her parents were, what we do know is that a deadly plague hit Mira while she was still a girl. This plague took the life of her parents and placed her at death's door.

Birth by Malpercio[]

The End Magnus granted me life?

Her grandfather, however, could not bear the thought of losing her as well, so he took her almost lifeless body before the End Magnus in Mira and had it rain down its power on her. It had the desired effect, or so it was thought. Melodia lived, but she now was darker and shared a connection to Malpercio, which she hid from all. For the next few years, she used her parents' connection to Emperor Geldoblame and infiltrated his nation of Alfard. There, she beckoned him to search for the End Magnus, making him believe that once unleashed, it would give him great power. She also befriended Fadroh, the General of Geldoblame's army, who secretly aligned with her in her bid to free Malpercio.

The Spiriter[]

Even though she did not know it, she shared a mysterious connection to Kalas - not just because her father's essence was used ultimately by Georg to create him, but because of their longing for revenge and power.

She stumbled on him while he recovered from his near-death in the Shrine of Spirits. Using him for her own grand designs, and her ability to hear the voices of Spirits from another world, she helped him bond with a Guardian Spirit. She then told him the tale of the End Magnus and how he would become what he "always dreamed to be". However, their plan had a slight problem: the Spirit would not go along with their plans. Using her magical abilities, she erased the Spirit's memory and had Kalas gather his friends and unleash each End Magnus. Carefully, she watched as all the pieces of the puzzle slowly came together. Treachery

Kalas and the party officially first meet her in Parnasse, where she fakes a stumble to allow Kalas to secretly hand her their only End Magnus. The next phase of her plan was a staged kidnapping at the Shrine of Spirits at the hands of Giacomo, Ayme and Folon. There, she shocked all present by sending back a creature from another dimension by way of simply telling it "Not yet, just a little while longer". She also showed sensitivity to the Spirits there, as she begged everyone not to fight there for fear of summoning more monsters. After feigning ignorance while Kalas and his friends defeat the Phantasm in her basement and Giacomo makes off with another End Magnus, she takes the team straight to the Empire, where she will finally gets her hands on her prize.

Escorted by general Fadroh, she hands Emperor Geldoblame the End Magnus she got from Kalas. Pleased, she beckons the Emperor into the Lava Caves quickly so he can collect the final one. There, he slays the Lord of the Lava Caves (which her parents had defeated 20 years prior), and Emperor Geldoblame bathes in the power of all five End Magnus. Transformed into a monster, he is defeated by the team as he loses control of his body - just as Melodia had planned. Revealing her plans to all, she then had Fadroh and his guards kill the Emperor by shooting him into the nearby lava. Then, she had Kalas bathe in the light of all five End Magnus, confident that the Spirit's power would prevent what happened to Geldoblame to happen to him. Kalas is then transformed into the white winged darkness/The Angel of Darkness, and she takes everyone else prisoner (excluding Xelha as she escaped), locking them in inter-dimensional cracks, guarded by centurion monsters.

Redemption and finale rebirth[]

Melodia's plans were problematic, as she did not count on the power and resolve of Xelha. When the girl rescued her friends and engaged Kalas in battle, her refusal in harming him provided him with enough motivation to do the impossible. Melodia was in shock as she watched him shed away his identity of the Angel of Darkness by removing one of his newly created wings. Disappointed with him, she set the newly reborn Malpercio on them but was stopped by Mizuti and the ancient song of the Children of the Earth.

Upon realizing the effect this had on Malpercio, they retreated to Cor Hydrae and unleashed its inhabitants on the world. The party braved her assault and entered into the throne room of the gods after defeating all the Sibling Gods. After an intense fight with Malpercio, the god is defeated much to her shock and dismay. Her grandfather then reveals to her of her death and rebirth by way of the End Magnus and Malpercio. Delirious and driven mad by this revelation, she merges with Malpercio. This fusion makes Malpercio much stronger, giving the wicked god a soul and allowing him to regain his godly powers. This hybrid being then ascended to the top of the castle, awaiting the party's attempts to stop him. A climatic duel then played out at the top of Cor Hydrae that resulted in the fused god's defeat. As Mizuti held it in place, Kalas dived into it and managed to save Melodia from possession. Once freed of the

Melodia's true appearance as seen after Melodia is rid of Malpercio's corruption.

God's influence she is revealed as a blue eyed and blue haired girl very similar in color to Sagi.

Knowing the truth behind Malpercio intimately, she joins with Kalas and the party to repair the ancient artifacts; the Earth Sphere, Ocean Mirror, and Sword of Heavens, in order destroy the abomination that was the wicked God, which was merely a fusion of the five siblings from ancient times.

After everything that had happened, she returned to Mira with her grandfather. She did not attend the celebration festival in Anuenue, but wished the Guardian Spirit goodbye in Nekton along with everyone. After this, she continued to recover from all the traumas she has lived through in Mira.


  • Melodia's parents are never identified, but it is widely speculated that she is the daughter of Sagi and Milly, who eloped to Mira at the end of Baten Kaitos Origins.
  • Melodia can hear the voices of Guardian Spirits, but is not a Spiriter herself.
  • Melodia could be considered a Malideiter, as she can hear the voice and tap into the power of the fragment of Malpercio that bonded itself to her heart when Duke Calbren used the Bo End Magnus to resurrect her.