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Milly is a major character and party member in Baten Kaitos Origins.


Early Life and Childhood[]

Milliarde is the daughter of Imperial Spiriter Baelheit. When Baelheit conducted, and subsequently failed, to fuse a piece of Malpercio to an unknown subject, an Afterling was created, and before it could be contained, it attacked Milly, leaving her with large portions of her body gone. Her father placed her on life support, and later returned to make her a new, more powerful body with his newly built Machina.

As a young woman, she attended the School of Magic in Anuenue (althought she slept through Extinct Magical Creatures class; she thought it not a very practical class). As a high ranking Imperial officer's child, she was chaperoned to and from school each day. She and her father were not close, however, as his work often kept him away. Unknown to her dad, her chaperone would often indulge her by taking her to the Quietlands of Nekkar, where she would gather many human-shaped stones.

Meeting her fate[]

As a young woman she simply likes to be called Milly. She possesses a strong will and unsurprising power considering her 1/2 Machina status.

She meets our heroes after she is sent by her father to spy on Sagi to discover the nature of his power. Right before Sagi can be captured by a young Giacomo, she rescues both he and Guillo during their escape from the Empire.

Though she claims that it was "because she simply can't stand seeing people get hurt" Guillo is not convinced and this leads to them arguing a lot. Soon enough she reveals her initial ploy, but sides with Sagi and even helps defeat her own father. She falls in love with Sagi and develops a great bond with Guillo. Just before fighting her father to stop him, she was ultimately forced to reveal that most of her body was replaced with Machina to Sagi. After her father was defeated, she then witnessed Verus murder Baelheit in cold blood, reacting with shock and horror alongside her comrades (in particular, she was horrified at what Verus had done to Baelheit). Although saddened by Baelheit's death, she held back her sadness enough to ensure they stop Verus, their true enemy. At the end of the adventure, she marries Sagi. The two move to Mira for their honeymoon.

Later Life[]

It is known that she and Sagi settled and lived with Duke Calbren of Mira. Anything beyond that is pure speculation, as there's been no official word on what became of Sagi and Milly, or where they were during the events of Eternal Wings. A popular fan theory is the couple had a daughter by the name of Melodia before dying of a plague (possibly from Taintcloud poisoning from Duhr or the War of the Gods), leaving their daughter an orphan, with only the Duke to take care of her as her grandfather. Another theory is they frequently visited Kalas while he was an infant, although their fate afterward is uncertain. The creators have not confirmed nor denied either theory.

Milly (Origins).png
Special Field Guide Entry
Field Guide #137
Type Human
Habitat Party Members
Drops Doesn't drop any items.
TP Total collected
Gold Total collected
In Battle
Speed D
Offense E
Special abilities Mirage Turn
Pegasus Jump
Canyon Wind
Rabbit Dash
Special attacks Swallowtail
Emerald Thrush
Sevenstar Dust
Diamond Drop
Rising Condor
Phoenix Dive
Open Your Eyes
Elemental Defense
Physical.png B Fire.png D Ice.png D
Lightning.png B Light.png D Darkness.png D
Status Resistance
Sleep 90%
Poison 90%


Special Field Guide Description[]

Rescues Sagi, then proceeds to tag along. Age 17. Born and raised in the Empire, she longs to see the world. She flaunts her studies at the School of Magic, but slept through the key lectures. She hefts twin weapons with astonishing ease.
Weak: Variable

Fighting Style[]

The weak and abused need my help yet again.


Milly fights with twin maces and kicks. She has a high resistance to physical attacks, and has access to some of the strongest defensive magnus in the game, allowing her to shrug off non-elemental blows with ease. She's not nearly as strong as Sagi or Guillo, but hits multiple times, overwhelming her foes with sheer volume of attacks. Milly doesn't get a Level IV finishing move, unlike Sagi and Guillo. Instead, she has several attack cards unique to her that either stack with or replace regular attack cards, giving her the widest variety of attacks. She has the least amount of special attacks and EX combos, and her kicks are always non-elemental. On the other hand, her EX combos are the easiest to pull off, and many of them boost her turnover rate so she can attack even faster.

Offensive Magnus[]

Cudgel Magnus
Wooden Club Wooden Club (Origins).png Panther Bludgeon Panther Bludgeon (Origins).png Rose Shill Rose Shill (Origins).png Classic Cudgel Classic Cudgel (Origins).png
Golden Cudgel Golden Cudgel (Origins).png Heat Club Heat Club (Origins).png Drakeshead Stave Drakeshead Stave (Origins).png Efreeti Horn Efreeti Horn (Origins).png
Crystal Cudgel Crystal Cudgel (Origins).png Glacial Bludgeon Glacial Bludgeon (Origins).png Cold Queen Cold Queen (Origins).png Lightning Club Lightning Club (Origins).png
Luciferous Stave Luciferous Stave (Origins).png Wild God Wild God (Origins).png Vajra the Indestructible Vajra the Indestructible (Origins).png White Club White Club (Origins).png
Demon Cudgel Demon Cudgel (Origins).png Rosevine Rosevine (Origins).png Classic Impact Classic Impact (Origins).png Heat Cudgel Heat Cudgel (Origins).png
Poison Heat Poison Heat (Origins).png Fire Panther Fire Panther (Origins).png Drakeslord Stave Drakeslord Stave (Origins).png Efreeti Tusk Efreeti Tusk (Origins).png
Ice Club Ice Club (Origins).png Crystal Blue Crystal Blue (Origins).png Glacial Mass Glacial Mass (Origins).png Diamond Queen Diamond Queen (Origins).png
Queen's Breath Queen's Breath (Origins).png Thunder Club Thunder Club (Origins).png Lightning Strike Lightning Strike (Origins).png Thunder Panther Thunder Panther (Origins).png
Auriferous Stave Auriferous Stave (Origins).png Plasma Cudgel Plasma Cudgel (Origins).png Astratheos Astratheos (Origins).png Holy Cudgel Holy Cudgel (Origins).png
White Wish White Wish (Origins).png Cerberus Cudgel Cerberus Cudgel (Origins).png

Special Attacks[]

Special Attack Magnus
Level I - Swallowtail Swallowtail (Origins).png
Level I - Emerald Thrush Emerald Thrush (Origins).png
Level I - Sevenstar Dust Sevenstar Dust (Origins).png
Level II - Arabesque Arabesque (Origins).png
Level II - Diamond Drop Diamond Drop (Origins).png
Level II - Rising Condor Rising Condor (Origins).png
Level III - Phoenix Dive Phoenix Dive (Origins).png
Level III - Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes (Origins).png

Defensive Magnus[]

Robe Magnus
Grappler's Gi Grappler's Gi (Origins).png Twelve-Layered Kimono Twelve-Layered Kimono (Origins).png Firedrake Regalia Firedrake Regalia (Origins).png Heat Camouflage Heat Camouflage (Origins).png
Frozen Suit Frozen Suit (Origins).png Aqua Camouflage Aqua Camouflage (Origins).png Heavenbolt Wrap Heavenbolt Wrap (Origins).png Jiraiya's Robe Jiraiya's Robe (Origins).png
Sister's Habit Sister's Habit (Origins).png Mourning Dress Mourning Dress (Origins).png Fighter's Gi Fighter's Gi (Origins).png Warrior's Gi Warrior's Gi (Origins).png
Fifteen-Layered Kimono Fifteen-Layered Kimono (Origins).png Aetherdrake Regalia Aetherdrake Regalia (Origins).png Hazyfire Camouflage Hazyfire Camouflage (Origins).png Diamond Suit Diamond Suit (Origins).png
Hazyrain Camouflage Hazyrain Camouflage (Origins).png Heavengale Wrap Heavengale Wrap (Origins).png Saizou's Robe Saizou's Robe (Origins).png Mother Superior's Habit Mother Superior's Habit (Origins).png
Confessional Clothes Confessional Clothes (Origins).png Mournful Dress Mournful Dress (Origins).png

Other Magnus[]

Other Exclusive Magnus
Mirage Turn Mirage Turn (Origins).png Pegasus Jump Pegasus Jump (Origins).png
Canyon Wind Canyon Wind (Origins).png Rabbit Dash Rabbit Dash (Origins).png


  • Milly appears as a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.