Nihal in BKO

Nihal is a vast stretch of desert land with the most intense heat in the World of Baten Kaitos. Those who venture there without water or Flame Ice will surely die after collapsing from sheer dehydration.

Role In BKO[edit | edit source]

Sagi and friends must cross the desert to reach Azha where they will investigate a terrorist bombing that occurred in Mintaka. Once there, they run into a merchant (the Snow Salesman) who introduces them to Flame Ice, which helps them in crossing the desert. Many enemies can be found there, and if the player ventures off the path they can even meet with Georg and Larikush, who introduces the Heartflask, and the possibility that Sagi's essence was used to later create Kalas.

Entrance to the desert shelter

Role in BKEW[edit | edit source]

Kalas and company crash land in the desert after facing the Chaotic Trio for the first time. They also venture into the desert to save the Azhani after Malpercio is resurrected. The Mad Wolf Unit protects the people as well. It is also where Savyna's character quest takes place.

Inside the desert shelter

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