Oars are a class of weapons used by Gibari in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. While they come in all elements, they're most common elements are Water and Wind.

Paddle Magnus
Double Paddle Double Paddle.png Mosquito Mosquito.png Stream Blade Stream Blade.png Butterfly Butterfly.png
Black Scepter Black Scepter.png Wave Blade Wave Blade.png Heat Paddle Heat Paddle.png Green Oak Green Oak.png
Mayfly Mayfly.png Second Hand Second Hand.png White Scepter White Scepter.png Black Ash Black Ash.png
Red Oak Red Oak.png Wave Cutter Wave Cutter.png Dragonfly Dragonfly.png Crystal Wing Crystal Wing.png
White Ash White Ash.png Power Blade Power Blade.png Bloody Vortex Bloody Vortex.png Rainbow Ash Rainbow Ash.png
Silver Ash Silver Ash.png Spatula Spatula.png Mirage Blade Mirage Blade.png Firefly Firefly.png
Balgora's Paddle Balgora's Paddle.png

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