Opu in BKO. Note the incomplete waterwheel

Known throughout the world as the waterfall village. It is made famous thanks to the waterwheel which was made by Lolo.


It serves as the meeting place between Sagi, Milly and Lolo. It is where Lolo invents all her things such as the waterwheel, the pupets and where she collects the Celestial Tree fell branches once Sagi returns from Veinroots. It is also home to a shop in which one can buy items.

Eternal WingsEdit

Lolo is gone and not even mentioned but her waterwheel has gained fame all across the sky. This is where the heroes meet with Savyna after the events in the Ancient Library of Magic, and where she joins the team. It is also home to Mayfee and her grandmother and the shop is still there to buy items.



The cave interior of an Opu home




Savyna (before joining the team)




Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Black Beans Black Beans (Origins) 200 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 200
Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 200 Yellow Beans Yellow Beans (Origins) 200 Dark Element Dark Element (Origins) 300
Fire Element Fire Element (Origins) 300 Ice Element Ice Element (Origins) 300 Light Element Light Element (Origins) 300
Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins) 300 Herb Powder Herb Powder (Origins) 1000 Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins) 1000
Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins) 1000 Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins) 1000 Crystal Helm Crystal Helm (Origins) 1500
Ray of Truth Ray of Truth (Origins) 1500 Light Sophia Light Sophia (Origins) 2000 Panther Bludgeon Panther Bludgeon (Origins) 2300
White Club White Club (Origins) 2300 Versed Shield Versed Shield (Origins) 2500 Battle Suit Battle Suit (Origins) 3000
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit (Origins) 4000


Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Crystal Helm Crystal Helm (Origins) 1 Helm of Indra Helm of Indra (Origins) 1 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 1
Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins) 1 Panther Bludgeon Panther Bludgeon (Origins) 1 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins) 1
Tower Shield Tower Shield (Origins) 1 Versed Shield Versed Shield (Origins) 1 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 1
Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins) 1 White Club White Club (Origins) 1 Apsu Sophia Apsu Sophia (Origins) 2
Canyon Wind Canyon Wind (Origins) 2 Fate's Cordial Fate's Cordial (Origins) 2 High Potion High Potion (Origins) 2
Kusanagi Kusanagi (Origins) 2 Pegasus Jump Pegasus Jump (Origins) 2 Pyre Frock Pyre Frock (Origins) 2
Rabbit Dash Rabbit Dash (Origins) 2 Siren Sword Siren Sword (Origins) 2 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 2
Thor Sophia Thor Sophia (Origins) 2 Thunder Hat Thunder Hat (Origins) 2 Alarm Clock Alarm Clock (Origins) 3
Apostolos Apostolos (Origins) 3 Aqua Camouflage Aqua Camouflage (Origins) 3 Arabesque Arabesque (Origins) 3
Brawn Fruit Brawn Fruit (Origins) 3 Chalice of Freedom Chalice of Freedom (Origins) 3 Cross Sophia Cross Sophia (Origins) 3
Evil Mail Evil Mail (Origins) 3 Fate Idol Fate Idol (Origins) 3 Firedrake Regalia Firedrake Regalia (Origins) 3
Heat Camouflage Heat Camouflage (Origins) 3 Heavenbolt Wrap Heavenbolt Wrap (Origins) 3 Hot Spring Hot Spring (Origins) 3
Lightning-Brewed Tea Lightning-Brewed Tea (Origins) 3 Marvelous Sword Marvelous Sword (Origins) 3 Rising Condor Rising Condor (Origins) 3
Scarlet Crown Scarlet Crown (Origins) 3 Sigil Cry Sigil Cry (Origins) 3 Spirilight Quiver Spirilight Quiver (Origins) 3
Trigon Band Trigon Band (Origins) 3 Wickedwing Revels Wickedwing Revels (Origins) 3


  • "Opu" means Stomach in Native Hawaiian.
Opu inside sagi suggestive
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